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Considering the prices of goods continue to increase, a young man complained not being able to meet their needs. After a discussion with a Sufi makrifat, the young man followed the advice to run the lavatory and prayers remain istiqomah mandatory prayers five times a day.

"Sheikh, three years after I run the recommended worship you. Every day I pray intent solely to God the Almighty shower adequate provision. However, until now I still poor, "complained the boy.

"Keep going and do not stop, God always hear your prayers. Someday God will grant it. Be patient! "Answer the kiai.

"How can I be patient, if all prices rose all needs! While I still have not received adequate sustenance. How can I make ends meet? "

"Yes, of course, remains from God, just wait, there's a way out. Continue to pray. "

"It's useless Sheikh. Every day the five daily prayers, prayers urination, Duha prayer, but God has not granted my request. I better stop just pray ... "the boy replied with annoyance.

"Then, it's gone. Home. May God answer your request immediately, "said kiai lightly.

The young man was even home. Resentment still clung to arrive at her home. He grumbled incessantly to sleep in a chair porch. In bed, he dreamed into a vast palace with a floor of pure gold, decorated with lamps made out of diamond. Even thousands of beautiful women welcome. A very beautiful empress and bright young man approached.

"Who are you?" Asked the youth.

"I am the best man on the day of the hereafter."

"Ohh ... and this court who?"

"This palace, from God. Because the work in the world worship. "

"Ohh ... and gardens of this beautiful I have?"


"The sea of honey, milk ocean, and sea diamond mine too?"


The young man was so admired the beauty of heaven atmosphere very charming and incomparable. However, he suddenly woke up and the dream is gone. Not unexpectedly, he saw seven pearls of duck eggs. What a happy boy and wanted to sell these pearls. He went to the kiai before going to the sale of pearls.

"Sheikh, after dream I found seven beautiful pearl is. Finally, God answered my prayers, "said the young man full of joy.

"Thank God. But you need to know that seven of the pearl is the rewards of worship that you run over 3 years ago. "

"It's my rewards? And what about my heaven Sheikh? "

"No, because God has already paid all the work worship. I hope you're happy in this world. With seven pearl miliader you can be. "

"Oh God, I do not want these pearls. I better poor in this world than the poor in the hereafter. O Allah gather again these pearls with other religious practices until I die later, "said the young man self-aware. Seven pearls in front of her was gone instantly. He promised not to complain and live a better service for the sake of wealth hereafter. [from makrifat jokes people, wibi ar].

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