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Zuhud according to the historians of Sufism is the phase that precedes Sufism. According to Harun Nasution, the most important station for a candidate of the Sufi is Zuhd circumstances leave the world and kematerian life. Before becoming a Sufi, a candidate must first become ascetics. After the ascetics, before he rose to the Sufi. Thus every Sufi is ascetic, but otherwise is not every ascetic Sufi.

Etymologically, zuhud means raghaba 'ansyai'in wa tarakahu, its meaning not interested in something and leave. Zahada fi al-dunya, this is means emptying ourselves of the pleasures of the world to worship.

Talking about the meaning of terminological zuhud by Prof.. Dr. Amin Thanksgiving, could not be released from two things. First, zuhud as an integral part of Sufism. Second, zuhud as moral (morals) Islam and the protest movement [3]. If Sufism means of awareness and direct communication between man and God as the embodiment of charity, then zuhud is a station (the Station) towards the achievement of "encounter" or ma'rifat Him. In this position according to A. Mukti Ali, zuhud means avoidance of wills against it - worldly things or ma Siwa God. In connection with this al-Hakim Hasan explained that zuhud is "turning away from the world and expose themselves to the worship to train and educate people, and combat excitement with meditation (seclusion), travel, fasting, eating less and dhikr" [4]. Zuhud here trying to distance themselves from the delights of the world and deny it even lawful delights, with a fast path that sometimes - sometimes exceeding what their implementation is determined by religion. Everything is intended to achieve the benefits of the Hereafter and the achievement of the goals of Sufism, which is ridla, meet and ma'rifat God Almighty.

Second, zuhud as moral (morals) of Islam, and the protest movement that is the attitude that life should be done by a Muslim in this mortal world look. The world is seen as a means of worship and to reach the grace of God Almighty., Not the purpose of life goals, and the world realize that love will bring nature - nature mazmumah (reprehensible). Things like this has been exemplified by the Prophet and his companions.

Zuhud here means not to feel proud of the luxury world has no hands, and do not feel saddened by the loss of her luxury. For Abu al-Wafa Taftazani, it is not the clergy zuhud or dissolution of worldly life, but the wisdom of understanding that makes a person has a special outlook on life's worldly. They keep working and trying, but the earthly life is not over his heart and not the tendency to make them deny their Lord [6]. Further at-Taftazani explained that zuhud is not bersyaratkan poverty. In fact, sometimes one is rich, but at the same time And he ascetics. Ustman ibn Affan and Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf are the wealthy, but they are ascetics with their property.

Zuhud according to the Prophet and his companions, does not mean a full turn from worldly things. But it means moderation or the middle way in dealing with all things, as suggested by the word - the word of God is this: "And that made you (Muslims) people are fair and selection". "And seek what Allah bestowed on you from (happiness) in the Hereafter, nor forget your portion of the (pleasures) world" [8]. While in the hadith says: "Work for your world as if you'll live forever, and work for the Hereafter as if you'll die tomorrow".

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