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"Son of Adam is not filling a place worse than his stomach. Sufficient number of bribes that can enable the body. If not found another path, then (he can fill his stomach) with a third for food, one third for drink, and a third for breathing again. "(Reported by Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibban)
It is said that during his lifetime the Prophet Muhammad SAW sick only twice. That is, after receiving the first revelation, when he was experiencing excessive fear causing severe fever. The other one before he died. At that time he suffered a very severe pain, until she died. There is also a mention that the Messenger experience pain more than twice.
Whatever the number, two, three or four times, clear picture that he has a healthy physical and exceptional durability. Whereas the natural condition of Arabia at that time spelled out the hard, barren and unfriendly. Anyone who can survive tens of years in such conditions, plus dozens of time fro battle, must have great endurance.
Why Prophet rarely sick? This question is interesting to put forward. Outwardly, Rasulullah SAW is rarely sick because it can prevent things with potential for causing disease. In other words, he really put an emphasis on prevention rather than treatment. If we study the Qur'an and Sunnah, then we will find numerous clues that lead to prevention efforts. This indicates how the Prophet Muhammad SAW is very concerned about health. In all Bukhari Hadith no less than 80 who discuss this issue. Not to mention widespread in Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Bayhaqi, Ahmad, etc..
How to maintain the health of the Prophet
There are several positive habits that make Rasulullah SAW always appeared fit and rarely ill. Among them:
First, the selective about food. There is no food that went into his mouth, unless the food meets kosher requirements and thayyib (good). Halal relating to the affairs of the Hereafter, that is kosher and halal way to get the goods. While thayyib related to worldly affairs, such as good or not or whether or not nutritious food consumed. One of the favorite food is honey Apostles. He used to drink honey mixed with water to wash the water winch and digestion. The Apostle says, "you should use two kinds of drugs, namely honey and the Qur'an" (Narrated by Ibn Majah and Hakim).
Second, do not eat before hunger and stop eating before satiety. The rule, the capacity of the stomach is divided into three parts, namely one-third for food (solids), third for drink (liquid), and a third for air (gas). Spoke, "Son of Adam memenuhkan not a place worse than his stomach. Suffice it to those few who can enable him bribes. If not found another path, then (he can fill his stomach) with a third for food, one third for drink, and a third more for respiratory "(Reported by Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibban).
Third, eat quietly, tumaninah, not in a hurry, with a medium tempo. What lesson? How to eat like this will avoid choking, bites, digestive organs work became lighter. Food can also be chewed better, so the work can go a perfect digestive organs. Food that is not chewed properly will be difficult to digest. In the long term can cause cancer of the colon.
Fourth, fast asleep and wake up fast. He slept in the early evening and wake up in the middle of the second night. Typically, the Prophet got up and bersiwak, then ablution and pray until the period allowed God. He never slept more than needs, but also resist the temptation to sleep than needed. Research Daniel F Kripke, a psychiatrist from the University of California of interest to be disclosed. Research conducted in Japan and the U.S. for six years with 30-120 year-old respondent said that people who used to sleep eight hours a day have an increased risk of death more quickly. Contrasts sharply with those who used to sleep 6-7 hours a day. Well, Prophet used to sleep after Isha to then wake up at night. So he slept no more than eight hours.
Any sleep mode and meaning. Ibn al-Qayyim al Jawziyya Treatment Methods of the Prophet in the book reveals that the Apostle slept with the body tilted to the right, while remembrance of Allah until his eyes felt heavy. Sometimes he leaned to the left briefly, then back again to the right. Sleeping like this is the most efficient sleep. At that time food can be in a position that fits with the stomach so it can settle proportionately. Then switch to the left for a while in order to make the process faster digestion because the stomach leads to the liver, and then turned again to the right until the end of the bed so that food from the stomach faster tersuplai. Another Wisdom, sleeping with skewed to the right cause he woke up for prayer easier at night.
Fifth, do Lent istikamah voluntary, outside of Lent Ramadan. Therefore, we know beberpa Lent which he advocated voluntary, such as Monday Thursday, ayyamul bith, David Lent, Lent six days in Shawwaal, etc.. Lent is a shield against various kinds of physical and spiritual diseases. Its influence in maintaining health, fused various various dregs of food, Manahan themselves from dangerous food is incredible. Lent became a sedative for stamina and organs so that the energy to stay awake. Lent is very powerful for detoxification (cleansing toxins) that are total and complete.
In addition to these five healthy way of life, there are many habits that we are worthy Prophet Model. In the book Trace History of Islamic Medicine, Dr. Yamani Khadem Jafar revealed more than 25 patterns live messenger linked health problems are largely avoided. Among ways ablutions, the way spoil the eye, berkhitan virtue, the virtue smile, etc..
No less important than the effort of birth, the Prophet is very steady in the worship rituals, especially in prayer. He also has a complete skill in managing emotions, thoughts and hearts. Recent studies in the health sector proves that the ability in managing the hearts, minds and feelings, as well as intense ketersambungan with Essence, the Master will determine the quality of someone's health, physically or psychologically

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