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LAW & ASK TO quack soothsayerIn the modern era of cutting-edge, all the news can be accessed throughout the world in a short time, there are still some people who believe the stories or news that are not based on a lie at all, either Syar'i coming from Al Qur- an and Sunnah, as well as acceptable to the human mind. Good stories of ancestors or news from quack. We would like to discuss a little about the shaman / fortune-teller, from where they get the news, what the law who came to quack, who believe in the law, and there are examples at this time.

Meaning Shamans & Porter SeesShamans in Arabic called Kahin and soothsayer called 'Arraf. Meaning of 'Arraf (Soothsayer) is: people claiming to know the events that were late, which could indicate stolen goods or loss of an item.Meaning Kahin (quack) is: people who will tell the hidden things will happen or something contained in the liver. According to the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah: 'Arraf, Kahin, Munajjim (oracle) is the same name for the two meanings above. (Al-Jami 'Al-Farid, p 124)So in our terms shaman and prophet is a person who claims to know about the incident the next good news is good or ugly, can show the stolen items or lost an item and know the things unseen and there is something in the heart.Allah Ta'ala says in the Al-An'am (6): 59 which means: "And with Allah is all the keys of the unseen, no one knew except Himself, and He knows what is on land and the ocean, and there are even a leaf falls but He knows it (yet), and not fall grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a clear (down the tablets Mahfuz). "In this verse is very clear that something supernatural or future no one knows except Allah, until even the Prophet. do not know but something that was told by God through revelation. As when the Prophet Muhammad. asked on the Day of Resurrection then he would not answer, because no one knows when doomsday happens Tabaaraka except Allah wa Ta'ala. Also when the Prophet Muhammad. ask Allah Almighty to enable some Muslims who are forbidden to drink in telaganya on the Day of Resurrection, Allah Almighty answered: 'You do not know what they do after you died. This shows that the Prophet Muhammad. do not know what will happen. If only the Prophet. peling an evil creature with Allah SWT. sent by God Almighty. sesuatau not know the unseen or future except as rumored by God., how the others are far from devotion to God Almighty. In fact some of them do not perform well the duty-obligations of prayer, fasting, or others on the pretext he had ma'shum, his sins are forgiven and so forth.

From where A Shamans Getting news?Often we hear that so and so shamans get news or get back to this and it will happen. That sometimes the news is true though rarely or only once. Where did he get the news?Is reported in a Hadith that when Allah SWT. decide a matter, the genie thief news stand above the rest of the earth up to the sky from the bottom and eavesdropping on hearing the news from the angel. Then he passed it to the genie thereunder, he also passed to the underlying genie and so forth until the ears of the earth quack. Sometimes one of them turned comet struck (meteors) before delivering the news, also sometimes he struck after manyampaikannya and add hundreds lie in the news.From this we can see that sometimes the news is true, but it contained hundreds of lies that comes from the devil. With so us as Muhammad. do not believe the message, should not be to believe tidings that comes from shamans and fortune-teller, be it ugly or good events that will befall us. Since all the events that will happen no one can know except God., And will not happen unless he wants.What the Law of People Who came to the shaman or soothsayer?In a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim from the wives of the Prophet. of the Prophet., he said, which means: "He who came to a shaman and ask something then he will not be accepted for forty days sholatnya submarines."Also narrated by Abu Dawood by Abu Huraira reported that the Prophet SAW. said which means: "Those who come to a quack and he believes in what he says, then he has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad."And also from Abu Hurayrah: "Whoever came soothsayer or shaman and he believes in what he says Meka rejected by what was revealed to Muhammad."From the three Hadith above we can conclude that people who come to a shaman or seer, and he asked about something but he did not believe the ruling is sholatnya will not be accepted for forty days, as mentioned in the first hadith. But if he believes that he thought the ruling was rejected by what was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, namely the Qur'an, hadith as mentioned in the next two.It is quite common today as the predictions for certain stars. For example, a person starred Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or the other because it was born in certain months suitable name the stars. Then he wanted to know the forecast for the star, well really want to know or just read, either from a newspaper, magazine or other. Or it directly to a soothsayer asked about what would happen, sustenance, unbelieving spouse, or others. But such people are categorized people who come to a soothsayer or healer. If it does not believe the ruling is not acceptable his pray in forty day, but if they believe it even predicted it do what it was disbelief of what was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad .. Also occur among many Muslims, when someone wants to get married or having a party, he asked good day when a soothsayer or what will happen if they do this and that, then it is believed even do what is requested by the forecaster. The practice was also undertaken by the Muslims is the belief of Chinese people believe about Woods. For example, in 2000 shionya is Dragon and Snake 2001 sionya is. If this sionya then this will happen if it happens then is that, be cautious to do this or do that in order to secure your life etc.. Things like this are many reliable but is followed by most Muslims. This phenomenon in a society that has experienced technological progress, but suffered a setback in Aqidahnya.In conclusion, the law of the prophet came and asked him, or to the lowest quack is sholatnya not accepted for forty haridan more than that is he has disbelieved in what was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The lesson we can take are:Shaman or seer is one who professed to know the unseen, something will happen, that could indicate stolen goods or goods lost and admitted knowing something stored in the liver.Soothsayer or shaman get news from eavesdropping genie hear from heaven and often they struck comet (meteors) before delivering the news to the others or he is not struck and convey the news but by adding hundreds lie on it.Haraam asked Sibyl. Law lightest sholatnya is not accepted for forty days. Allohualam Bisshowab knows best. (Tholhah)

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