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Of course if you 've heard Muslims ban men wearing gold. Probably of you are wondering why Islam prohibits yes , but it is not haram . Haram if women would also forbidden to wear gold .It is not as afraid of women competed but because there are other reasons that can only be proven in the 20th century.

Following its tradition . Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam has forbidden men to wear gold rings [ Al - Bukhari and Muslim ] each from Al - Bara ' bin Azib radi ' anhu , that when the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ' alaihi wa sallam saw a man man wearing a gold ring on his hand , so he asked him to take off that ring , then threw it to the ground . This is narrated by Imam al- Bukhari and Imam Muslim .It turns out the 20 th century Experts fisikatelah investigate this case and concluded that the gold atoms are able to penetrate into the skin and into the blood of humans , and if we ( men ) dressed in a certain amount of gold and in the long term , the impact that is generated in the blood and urine will contain gold atoms in levels that exceed the limit ( known as the gold migration ) . And if this happens in the long term , it will lead to

Alzheimer's disease . For if not disposed then in the long term gold atoms in the blood will get to the brain and trigger Alzheimer's disease .Alzheimer's is a disease in which the person loses all mental and physical abilities and causing back like a small child . Alzheimer's is not normal aging , but aging is coercion or forced.

One of those affected by Alzheimer's disease is charles Bronson , ralph waldoemerson and sugar ray robinson .And why Islam allows women to wear gold ? " Women do not suffer from this problem because every month , the harmful particles out of the female body through menstruation . " That is why Islam forbids men to wear gold and allow women to wear gold jewelry .That is why the religion of Islam forbids men to wear gold , it turns out this has been known to the prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam 1400 years ago . Though he never studied physics and did not know about physics . Allahu akbar .

Subhanallah Hopefully, through this paper we particularly as a Muslim could take a lesson from this ban and affirmed our faith in order to remain in compliance and avoid running the commands of Allah swt ban . that have been submitted through the Quran and Al - Hadith . aamiin

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