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Force child with various take lessons and course, doesn't guarantee automatic child so clever. That happened can on the contrary, our child is frustration, even can kill self like done Rani, student in elementary school which aged 10 year.

" homework again? Don't mom, I have many home works from school, " whine Joshua to the take lessons teacher mother. Bright he is objection. Within a week Joshua are 10 year that the age must follow four take lessons kinds. Even less now at the school there lesson addition clock, so that he doesn't has time play. Finally, in place his take lessons often bicker with the friend. So sensitive, tempted a little angry direct. At school even also attention towards instruction process decreased and often forget to make homework (homework).

With affection reason, everything done parents so that successful the child. Who’s parents not want the child so best at school and has sparkle future? So, it is not strange if all parents force child follows various take lessons and activity. But, otherwise guarded, this matter even can be boomerang.

That boomerang is ever strikes hard to return parents Rani manner consequence self. This is a tragic story are befalls Rani (student elementary school: farewell school, farewell alive; time newspaper, 23 Augusts 2007).

Class student four elementary school aged 10 year that Singapore origin, end the alive with free fall from a apartment at level five. He is found to sprawl killed with wear T-shirt and the school uniform shorts. Student that belong to clever at that school very stress when get ranking third.

Thirsty affection

" decision to kill self that done child actually statement form that them actually want accommodation.

Try to correct reading diary bears date 1 May 2007 that made by almarhumah Rani,

" Horeee! This is labor day! Both there is no school! And do you know what is the meaning (of) that? Both there is no homework! I am very happy! Although miss also in teachers and friends, I am really enjoy this school holiday, because both there is no school. Actually not also so. I think, so reason predominantly my parents doesn't work, and they reside in myself mess! We can glad, go out together! Isn't it true that this is genuinely great? "

From the article, appear Rani felt solitude and thirsty affection with warmth from the parents.

Marking that Rani experience stress heavy actually can be detected the old person. Before the departure, he often sigh to in the father, that he has homework. Every day he must do three homework.

Around 25 minutes before met death, he ever ask to the assistant about there not it his possibility can truant school that day.

Follow period development, students at elementary school more and more that come along extension course outside their formal education. That children is ordered their parents for English course, paint, or learn piano. While that sit at seat Senior High School also must come along extension course to prepare test enter college.

While they still necessary play. Their brain not yet can be loaded by heavy matters. Finally, children total that do to kill those pressures consequence self more day more increases. They jump from schoolhouse or hang self. Fail to braid connection with friend other kind even also can be primary factor kill self. They say, number kills self in adult age increases. The cause: jobless.

When does passion learn your child begin to decreased, difficult concentration, often ill, and as it, there his possibility experiences depression learns. Even less if your child often says wants to kill self or found out once ever try to kill self, so must observant extra!

This is your child sign wants professional energy accommodation. What by parents to must overcome depression learn child? May be tip next can help.

Increase emotional intelligence

" to child is taught realistic way of thinking and optimistic, that once in a while value at school can rise or go down, as does well-being, if not watched over, can go down.

Manner to teach to think realistic and optimistic in child supply it with emotional intelligence (EQ, emotional quotient) early on. So that child doesn't has behavior problem at the adult age.

Watchfulness Carroll izard, ph. D. From university of Delaware at Newark show, difficult children realizes feeling they and another person, susceptible towards behavior problems and study at bigger age. Easy manner to teaches for example emotional intelligence with:

  1. Emotion card

Home made card with picture that shows face expression that vary that can help child identified feeling kinds like angry or startled. Ask in your child, when does he ever feel same thing.

  1. Heart precipitation

You must ready open when must child must want to tell about the school. You must can empathy towards the problem. If he doesn't like to tell, often ask every he goes school. " what happened a while ago at they school? " , " there naughty same you? " , " why you looks sullen? " , and another.

When less effective, child fishhook so that tell. Its way, narrate your tender age experience at school, both for fun or bad. May be that thing will stimulate child to will tell.

  1. Read tale or book with

Look for books focus in various feeling kind, for example chicken soup for kid's soul. Choose folklore that give moral message. From those stories is child will detect that there is many people also will experience problems at school or at home. Besides, give they are with moral messages and advice endures alive to increase the moral intelligence.

  1. Play character or drama

Practice performing emotional events with child. Like, feign ill, get ugly test value, or another. Entangle also brother and the friends. May be, this practice can useful when child must follow drama stage at school or moment programmed 17 August at housing.

  1. Entangle child with sport activity or organization

Child will how learn to will cooperate with another person and how learn to realize different friends attitude with self. When make possible, invite them camp, to mount, forest, or coast to see sunrise and sunk. This matter also tight the connection to increase intelligence spiritual child. Mosque, church, Balinese temple, temple can you exploit for this matter.

  1. Praise and child motivation

When does child get to ill judged, will give motivation that he will still can achieve value better tomorrow or test next. You even also don't be angry when he gets bad value. Try to gaze at what wrong, may be child stress or ill.

Praise, origin don't over do when success achieve accomplishment. Child must learn that has surplus and deficit. So, not may be he clever at all lessons. Perfectionist child inclined is depression is compared with child other. Inform also they are so that don't fear of making a mistake. Because also be valuable lesson to faces alive.

  1. " food" provision opposes stress

Multiply vegetable and fruit in menu your children. Where necessary, always supply them with vitamin and important mineral for body. Especially vitamin c effective to chase away stress and vitamin b complex to increase brain work.

When does child felt tired, sleepy, tired, or will full to causes the breath more slower. At the (time) of such he can not think limpidly. When does breath more slower, lung doesn't can to prepare oxygen appropriate body need. Also doesn't can to take outside carbon dioxide efficiently. Final, degree carbon dioxide in blood increases.

When carbon dockside superlative, signal will be sent to brain. Brain will order lung to will take long breath and in, that is steam. Oxygen will be sipped and carbon dioxide taked as many as possible. Prepare atmosphere learns (window, fan, etc. ) support good oxygen circulation.

Besides, accustom children to many drink plain water. Respondent that canvassed at university Bristol at English obvious can show accomplishment 10% better at numeric area after drink a cup of cold water.

  1. Method learns effective

Best, teach your children are method learns effective since childhood. Can learn in a short time but can to absorb lesson eminently. Now many courses that offered method learns effective.

Method learns this adaptation from outside country. Usually, in child will be taught manner will learn with interest easy, reading quicker, idea map, and creativity. As parents, you must choose which course the curriculum most suited for child. This course wants big enough cost.

One important matter, give them honest affection. Also be effective medicine to helps child faces depression learn it. Like said by Rani, " I think, so my principal willing my parents doesn't work, and they reside in myself mess! We can glad, go out together! "

Tragic not? From now on, soon save your children with affection caress!

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