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Salepok dance be one of [the] regency special dance Nganjuk - East java, but unfortunately this dance many people don't know it, beside dance the mentioned salepok also bothing that preserve it with tourism official and region artistry Nganjuk also less administer dance.

Salepok dance be dance between woman and man. In dance movement Salepok has movement hamper same like dance tayub. Theme from Salepok dance association and love affairs so that this dance suited for Senior High School level. For costume dancers usually use clothes" kemben" , wear sampur, wear face ornament, for the woman abuses ornament as follows:

Wear nape of neck hair bun

Abuse lulur above kemben

Give mascara

Give eye shadow

Use rouge and lip

Wear aisedo

Eyebrow is formed manggot pengot

Wear decoration, like:

In part hair bun middle given sempyok, on the top given sangutgunungan right and left.

Given suruh-suruhan, pring pingin.

Use sintingan rose at left part and right each 2 fruit.

Use necklace decoration, ear stud/anting, bracelet with cunduk comb.

Mungdhe dance come from district harrow village baron, regency Nganjuk. This dance is related tight with soldiers beating Diponegoro opposes Dutch troop, which is on moment that is soldiers Diponegoro led by Sentot Prawirodirdjo opposition towards Dutch happens between year 1825-1830.

After beating soldiers’ Diponegoro a lives scattered, like chased Dutch. Soldiers remained coping to composed strengths returns to assault Dutch troop. But that effort they do not according openly but with camouflage as dancer and around singing beggar. Chairman or commandant that named mbah Kasan Tarwi strike instrument gamelan that called with penitir and produce sound mung that aim to gather soldiers’ place scattered. Gamelan striken 3 times, in mung first sebagi tamda preparation, mung second sign gathers with to mung latest or third to begin to play.

Pass that wandering mbah kasan radji (cikal future village babadan) and mbah kasan tarwi along with thirteenth the member reaches a village that named village mas at village babadan, patianrowo and harrow village, district baron. From sound mung that produced by instrument that named penitir and sound dhe that produced by thing from pengereng that named bendhe {kempul little. Then this dance is called with the title dance mung dhe. There also several persons mentions with the title bendhe.

As kingdom area mataram, at village babadan and also full of dutch troop, but war games passes this dance is permanent walks, purpose truthfully that is composed war strength is not known by dutch side. Dance mung dhe bertema heroism and love fatherland (heroic patriotism), so that movement in this dance is got in move keprajuritan and self-defence, but such doesn't close movement increasing existence possibility other by intact it dance mung dhe. Base from dance mung dhe is describing soldiers that is practising war complete with one who is helping and is inspiring to both parties that is practising.

Side that help and give spirit is called botoh. In botoh divided to be two among others penthul for triumphant and tembem for side that lose. For behaviour botoh this is memeran funny, so that make one who watching dance mung dhe, impress tense dank in the style of felt tickle because that practise war wears sword, while botoh funny.

As a whole, dance mung dhe involve 14 players with each character initially, that is:

and 2 person personate dancer/soldiers.

and 2 person personate colourbearer.

and 2 person personate botoh.

and 8 person impersonate sebagaipenabuh/companions.

In this time only is involving 12 person, that is 6 tools to 6 players. In dance organization arrangement mung dhe for the dancer man all and in adult age stage. In development this time dance mung dhe often is displayeding in programmes that carried out by tourism official and region culture kabupataen nganjuk, like grebeg suro, jamasan heritage, graduation ceremony ceremony (gembyangan) waranggono with tour envoy election.

Unique matter in artistry mung dhe mengantaranya lays in face makeup order and busan apara the player. That makeup order describes a strong noble soldier. That courage is formed with certain part increasing in face, like eyeshadow, moustache gondhek and jawas. But for character botoh that is penthul wear white coloured mask, while tembem use black coloured mask.

While clothing order players basically same, that is use clothing a soldiers. The difference in each character. Costume colour many dominated by black colour blend, red, and white. But, now costume that worn players experiences change.

Original clothing a soldiers, for example, irah-irahan red rather tall, sumping, kace rose colored, white coat, wear klat shoulder, kris, red shawl, stagen black, candle, berkain yellow, jarit white machete and black banner trousers. Now, soldiers wears blangkon black vary golden yellow with is tied udheng gilig (merah-putih), kace red, red shawl, white coat, wear kris, stagen black, sampur red and white, jarit yellow machete and black banner trousers.

Also such colourbearer clothing. The original clothing wears irah-irahan red rather short with golden yellow variation, sumping, kace rose colored, white coat, wear klat shoulder, red shoulder belt, stagen black, epek black, yellow cloth, jarit white machete and white slacks. But now, the clothing equal to soldiers new clothing. The difference doesn't wear sampur merah-putih.

Colourbearer clothing likes this same like new clothing companions. While, companion original clothing wears udheng cadhung black that tied udheng gilid white red, kace red, white coat, kris, red shoulder belt, stagen black, epek candle, berkain yellow, jarit white machete and black banner trousers.

Characterization clothing botoh, that is penthul and tembem, complexer again. Clothing aslipemeran penthul wear udheng cadhung black that tied udheng gilid white red, kace red, sampur red mengalungkan in neck, white long arm coat, kris, stagen black, epek black, yellow cloth, jarit white machete and white slacks. Almost with original clothing tembem except to black coloured mask and doesn't wear kris, with black slacks.

That original clothing is now turns into to like colourbearer new clothing. Only, clothing penthul there white colour mask addition and sampur white mengalungkan in neck. Temporary tembem wear blangkon headband ruddles white, black colour mask, sampur hijauyang mengalungkan in neck, black long arm coat and trousers kombor black.

So detil costume and order arias artistry player mung dhe, because that costume kind describes noble values. This artistry describes battle. For the man who lose to wear kace black, sampur green, and black mask. Temporary triumphant wears kace red, white mask and sampur white. That will mean crime that symbolized blackly will lose in the end will oppose kindness with lambing white.

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