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And your god reveals to bee, " make nests at hills, at wood trees, and at places that made human, " then eat from every (kind) fruits and go through your god road that make easy (for you). From that bee stomach is out drink (honey) diverse the colour; in it found medicine that cure for human. Actually in such that is genuinely found sign (god grandeur) for people who thinks. (QS. An-Nahl, 16: 68-69)
Most of all person knows that honey important food source for human body, but human pittance that realize characters incredible from the producer, that is honeybee.

Honey is produced in number far more many than bee need. Clear that drink useful this medicine is created so that be of benefit to human.
As we know, bee food source flower honey essence (nectars) is not met in winter. By because that's, bee mixes nectars they collect in summer with special liquid that is take their body. This mixture produces nutritious new substance it called honey and keep it for winter coming.
Really interesting to watch that bee keeps far honey more than actually they require. First question that appears in our brain is: why does bee not stop maker in number superlative this, apparently only fritter time and energy? Answer for this question is latent in word" [divine inspiration vision]" given to bee, like to mention in verse a while ago.
Bee produces honey not for their self, but also for human. As creature other at nature, also subjugate self to serve human; same like chicken that laid eggs at least a grain every day although doesn't want it and cow that produce far milk exceeds the children need.
Remarkable arrangement in beehive
Bee life at nest and the honey maker very amaze. Without discuss too details, let us perceive principal feature" society life" bee. Bee must carry out many" task" and they regulate all this with remarkable arrangement.
Plan hexagon from beehive terracing makes honey storage in number lot with nest maker basic commodity, that is candle, in number most a little. Only insect measures 1-2 cm and he has done that calculation by what are divine inspiration from the God .
Arrangement humidity and air transfer: humidity nest, make has tall preservation level, must be watched over in certain limits. In humidity above or be this limit, honey will broken with will lose preservation and the nutrient. So also, nest temperature must 35 degrees Celsius during ten months in the year. To watch over temperature and humidity this nest is in certain limit, there special group that have to watch over air transfer.
If hot day, being seen bee is regulating air transfer in nest. Nest entrance is filled bee. While cling in wood, they are to fan nest with wing. In standard nest, air that enter from one side impel out in other side. Other air transfer regulator bee works in nest, push air to all nest corners.
This air transfer ware also useful to protect nest from smoke and air pollution.
Configuration well-being: bee efforts to watch over honey quality not limited to in arrangement humidity and hot. In nest found perfect well-being maintenance network to restrains all event may be evoke to bloom it bacteria. Principal aim configurations this cause the loss of substances may be evoke bacteria. The principle prevent foreign substances enter nest. For that, two watchman always laided in nest door. If a foreign substance or insect has entered nest although there [are] this precaution, all bees acts to chase away it from nest.
Bee life in nest with honey maker by them very amaze. Bee does many" job" and they are success do it well pass arrangement remarkable.
For larger ones foreign thing can not be throwed away from nest, used defence manner other. Bee applies embalm foreign thing. They produce a substance that called" propolis" (that is, bee sap) to embalmment. This bee sap is produced by add special liquid they release from body to sap that gathered from trees like pine, hawwar, and acacia. Also used to patch crack in nest. After patched in crack, sap to be dry when react with air and form hard surface. Thereby, nest can survive from threat outside. Bee uses this substance almost in all their job.
To this end, various questions appear in mind. Propolis prevent bacteria anything alive in it. This makes propolis as best substance to embalmment. How does bee detect that substance called best? How does bee produce a substance, only can be made human in laboratory and use technology, with chemistry comprehension? How can they detect that insect that die evoke to grow it bacteria and that embalmment will prevent this matter?
Clear bee hasn't has erudition anything about this, even less laboratory. Only an insect length 1-2 cm and he has done all these by what are divine inspirations from the god.

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