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How a ganjur can do flap the wing 1000 times per second? How fleas jump as far as hundreds the body tall size time? Why a butterfly fly to progress temporary the wings pack to on and downwards?
Fly one between animals that called in Al Qu’an, as one from many faunas that uncover our god unlimited erudition. Allah almighty saying to the effect that this is in verse 73 mail Al Hajj:
Alas human! Made a simile. So listen to! Actually all you are violent besides Allah can not create a fly even also, although they are ally to create it. And if that fly seizes a certain from them, they will not grab it to return from that fly. Same the weak that worshipped and worshipped. (QS. Al Hajj, 22: 73)

Aviation muscles from many insects like dragonfly shrink very strong stimulus consequence that evoked by nerves that restrain every their movement
Although done now are watchfulness, although entire technologies Allah has passed to human, very many mortal characteristics that still to keep sides amaze it. As in everything that Allah has created, in body fly shows proof overflows erudition are Great. With look for the genesis, who even also that think can again muse above the amazement that deepen to Allah and loyalty to it.
Amount of watchfulness that done scientists towards fly aviation ware and another little insect is elaborated hereunder. Conclusion that appear from it not random strength, tries or form besides Allah that can to create complexity a insect even if.

Muscle flies from many insects likes grasshopper and dragonfly shrinks very strong stimulus consequence that evoked nerves that restrain every the movement. In grasshopper, for example, package signals every nerve causes muscles fly to shrink. With work by turns, not mutual contrary to, two muscle groups mutual equip, called elevator (lifter) and depressor, make possible upraised wings and pack downwards. Grasshopper flaps the wing 12 up to 15 times per second, and so that can fly smaller insects must flap quicker the wing again. Honeybee, bee and fly flaps wing 200 up to 400 times per second, and in ganjur and amount of insect harms that measure only 1 millimetres (0.03 inch), this speed increases to number surprises 1000 times per second! Wings that pack untimely to visible human eye has been created with special plan so that can do continual work a kind of this.

A nerve can to send at most 200 signals per second. Then how a little insect can to flap the wing 1000 times per second? Watchfulness has proved that in these insects, not found connection one of one between signal from nerve and total from wing to move on per time unit.

In this special ware, each created aloof in body every insect, not met irregularity a little even also. A nerve never send wrong signal, and insect muscles always translate it truly.

In kind likes fly and bee, muscles that make possible to fly even not attach in wing base! On the contrary, these muscles clings in breast passes hook that impersonate to like hinge, while muscles that lift wing to on cling in surface on and under breast. Moment these muscles shrinks, breast surface is flat and interesting wing base downwards. Surface side wing gives contributor character so that make possible upraised wings. Muscles that evoke movement downwards don’t cling direct in wing, but work alongside breast. When does these muscles shrink, breast interested return up at contrary to, and in this way wing is moved downwards.

Wing hinge is compiled on protein special that known as resilin, has flexibility incredible. Because in character far surpass natural rubber and or product, chemical engineer copes to make this ingredient imitation, at laboratory. Moment flexing and shrink, resilin can to keep almost overall energy that worn to him, and when does style that depress it caused, resilin can to return overall that energy. Eventually, productivity (efficiency) resilin can achieve 96%. Moment upraised wing, around 85% energy that taked kept to moment next; energy same this is then used to return in movement downwards that give power lifts to on and push the insect forwards. Breast surface and the muscle have been created with special plan to have made this energy collecting. But, energy actually kept in hinge that consists of resilin. Beyond question impossible for a insect, with the effort self, equip own self with device incredible to fly. Intelligence and Allah infinite strength has created resilin special this in insect body.

Honeybee, bee and fly flap their wing 200 up to 400 times per second.
For pure aviation, straight movement to on and downwards is not enough. So that can show style lift and impellent, wing must also change the movement corner at every flap their wing. Has special rolling flexibility, depending the kind, makes by what called as Direct flight muscles (flight muscles rudder), abbreviated DFM that produce styles that need to fly.
When does insect cope to rise higher on the air, they enlarge their wing corner with shrinks’ muscles between these wing hinges according to stronger. Picture recording very fast and that move are stop show that during fly, wings move to follow track egg circle and to each time wing rotation, the corner changes regularly. This change is caused movement always change from flight muscles rudder and wing gluing in body.
Biggest problem that is faced insect kind very cute when fly air obstacle. For them, air closeness very big be hindrance can not be belittled. Besides, hindrance layer at around wing causes air clings in wing and decrease efficiency to fly. So that can overcome this air obstacle, insects like their Forcipom, wide the wing not more than 1 millimetres, must flap wing 1000 times per second.
Scientists believes that theoretically, this speed is even also is not enough holds back these insects is permanent on the air, and they are certain use another addition ware. Practically, anarsia, of a kind insect harms, use manner that known as 'beat and shake (pack and shake). When their wing achieve highest points in the movement to on, these wings is mutual packs and then open downwards return. At moment these wings (is with the blood artery network) opens, air current in front of form rotation their wings and with wing flap helps power lifts.
Many insect kinds, belong grasshopper, pay attention what caught the sight likes horizon line (horizon) to determine direction flies and aim final. To stronger the position balance, fly has been created with plan more incredible again. This insect has only a pair wing, but beside hind each that wing is found circle gibbsite that is known as halter. Although doesn't produce style lifts, as halter this tremble with wings in front of. At moment insect changes direction to fly, this wing gibbsite prevent it toes from trip stripe.
Entire eruditions that explained here produced from watchfulness towards acquisition flies three or four insect kinds. It is important to know that is insect kind overall under the sun number around 10 million. Consideringly entire millions this rest kind, along with untold speciality to have it, somebody certain more will increase the amazement Allah intensity infinite.
Trouble-shooting for disturbance vena from flea gene
Scientists’ success has separated gene resilin from fruit fly and success make copy protein this naturally with transplant gene into bacteria Escherichia coli.
In watchfulness that done the Australian commonwealth scientific and industrial research organization (CSIRO), (scientific watchfulness organization and Australian commonwealth industrial), a success scientists finds gene that produce resilin also find great polymer may be useful in blood vessel disease handling vena. The watchfulness are began at year 1960, and the centre in grasshopper and desert dragonfly, be strong organizer that improves this primal stage.
Resilin, also give ability flea to make jump incredible, equip grasshopper and desert dragonfly, with insect other skill moves that surprise. This substance blessing, flea can to jump hundreds of the body tall time self and amount of fly can flap the wing more than 200 times per second.

For pure aviation, straight wing movement to on and downwards is not enough. Wing must also change the movement corner at every flap. Has rolling flexibility special that given by aviation controller muscles.
Protein that got from resilin far better from rubber product have a certain quality highest in the case of the ability holds back pressure and return to form originally. That watchfulness about resilin imitation shows that protein permanent has these characters.
Scientists declare the confidence that polymer that got from insect genes oculator applicable at various area very various, from medical up to industrial. But, may be above all from this applications artery blood vessel disease handling in human. By because resilin resemble protein elastin in artery vena human, scientists will hope that their watchfulness will give vena flexibility that updated.
Professor English origin Roger Greenhalgh declare that “watchfulness [towards resilin apparently present in earliest stage, but if we can take good something that from flea flexibility that for human, that thing very will leave

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