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Education system should centre in entrant educates, mean curriculum, administration, extracurricular activity also co curricular, the management system must be formulated and carried out for the benefit of entrant educates, not for the benefit of teacher, school or institution other. Education only concentrate in work need importance narrowly must be returned to growth importance and entrant personality development educates according to intact. Like ability for example natural existence, active positive thinking, creative, find alternative and the process is individual intact (process of becoming). Entrant educates should genuinely returned as subject (as well as object) education and rather than only object.

Progress IPTEK and global information world and communication actually want individual ripe and has character. Obvious education at old world more emphasized human is mathematical reasonable intelligent and language, but doesn't has strong character and has good moral. So important education autonomy gift in school each to determine point of view and the mission and carry out it so that produce entrant educates besides intelligent, skilful all at once has strong character. To this need energies professional, because want abilities a teacher as" artist, scientist, and technologist. "

Because more the complexes education execution in that period, so important that is a headmaster necessary has school leadership attitude (school leadership) and know-how managed education (educational management). A headmaster candidate necessary get training according to comprehensive about personality quality, school leadership and education management. Participative leadership system, delegate, opened and always see forwards without forget evaluation wanted in the present day this so much. Strategy that used optimal all school components likes entrant immediacy educates, motivation and school hard effort, family support and society (school committee). If tool, entrant educates, and optimal environment, augmenting with process learns to teach effective, dynamic and have a certain quality, so graduate quality such as those which supposed in point of view and mission and another.

At period to come educators (teacher) should enthusiastic and skilled to detect self photo at class. Class watchfulness should done to see self photo as educator, teacher, and as individual. How does entrant evaluation educate about the teachers, as educator, teacher and also as a individual. Also necessary increase academic level and professionalisms (economy social load often be obstacle, so need to increase welfare). Effective teacher has superiority in teaches (facilitator); in connection (customer and communication) with entrant educates and school communities member; and also customer and the communication with other party (parents, school committee, related side); administration aspect as teacher; and attitude professionalisms. Attitudes professional that cover among others: willing to repair self and willing to follow period development. So important also build which is positive work ethic that is: respect job; watch over self-respect in carry out job, and willing to serve society. In relation to is important also performance/appearance a professional: physically, intellectual, social customer, personality, values and spirituality with can to be motivator. In short necessary performance quality enhanced existence professional, voluminous and collaborative by humanizing according to intact every entrant educates.

Necessary also carried on a class management new perspective. Class management not merely in technical matters or concern strategy merely, but more concern entrant individual factor educate exist in class. Class management can not be released from aspect human from study and instruction. Class management that emphasized in how managed individual more help and support individual development, entrant individual good educates also individual the teacher. Class that managed at this rate, entrant will educate not only bloom intellectualities, but also affective aspect, konatif, and socialites. Because learn obvious not only limited to intellectual aspect but also feeling aspect, attention, know-how and creativity. Process learns only effective if there customer and certifiable communication between educator and entrant educates and entrant educates with entrant educate. Teacher doesn't submit quality and a live meaning in every subject nursemaid to child, will not many have child personality development. Class or school activity should be atmosphere that arouse and enthrals for self exploration activity and find self identity. So instruction integrally must relate to value education.

True education a human individual construction effort to achieves aim final (connection behaviour with god and self) and all at once for society (connection behaviour with own self, family, society and vicinity nature). In a word said that value education a where does somebody find the meaning as individual at the (time) of where does certain values give meaning in the alive road. This process concerns" trip aims to own self depth" , nudge human self inmost parts, like reflection power, introspection, analysis and ability finds own self and how does big self price. Value education concerns power domain creates, taste and karsa, nudge entire somebody experiences. Important factors in first class management the teacher factor, then discipline factor, then evaluation or evaluation for entrant educates.

Approach humanist study looks at human as independent free subject to determine the alive direction. Human full responsibility on the alive self and also on another person alive. Approach corrected used in study humanist dialogist approach, reflective, and expressive. Dialogist approach invite entrant educates to think with according to critical and creative. Educator doesn't act as teacher but facilitator and dialog partner; reflective approach invite entrant educates to dialogism with their self; while approach expressive invite entrant educates to express self with all the potential (realization and actualizes self). Thereby educator doesn't take over responsible, but merely help and accompany entrant educates in course of self development, attitude determination and choose of the values that struggle.

One of [the] matter necessary considering in hold education renewal formulation base education philosophy, mission and point of view every work unit, strategy and planning to achieve aim many help and be guide in activity execution everyday. Without that is all, an education institution will work random and will not know what will be worn to will measures success and failure all existing activity. Education system colour and the management very depending from base philosophy, point of view and mission that has by a education institution. Execution consistently and consistent by itself will form identity that distinguish with school institution other. This matters also that will give spirit are felled and move all education executants to achieve optimal aim. Necessary also built a management organization culture clear and completely so that all can work proactively, precede prima facie, always see final purpose, co-operative, think of winner, apprehend beforehand and then to understand and synergy. All education communities’ members should move from dependence passes by independence aims interdependent.

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