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How does a teacher realize discipline and behaviour management forms other depend on how they see their job as a teacher and how far they believe that any child can learn? Behaviour at class and result learns many influenced by instruction quality.

Teacher dominates many factors that influence motivation, accomplishment and their student behaviour. Physical environment at class, level emotion freshmen that undergone student and communication quality delivers teacher and student be important factor that can do it or retard optimal study. Teacher responsible to various student, belong them from family doesn't can or less luck, student may be must work after school, or they are that come from ethnic minority group, religion or language or they are with difficulties or disablement learns. Boone from situation or this factor must causes education problem, but this children is may be risky gets negative school experience and not have a meaning if teacher not responsive towards need and their ability or can to use instruction and effective class strategy and accustomed to follow individual.

To decrease or cause the loss of obstacle learns and student participation is need erudition deepens about from which this obstacle origin and how and when does this obstacle appear. Important for teacher to realize economy social background and student family so that get the picture factor non academic that influence their study. Many social factors that influence to learn can not direct be changed, but this factors comprehension makes teacher in will realize lsquo; failure & rsquo; or lsquo; behaviour not suitable & rsquo; student and create environment learns that decrease not this factor effect increase. Good teacher considers this is individual challenge and professional. But, also necessary according to critical reflexives towards what is going on in class because student behaviour oftentimes be reaction from factors in school. A teacher necessary reflexive about environment has learnt that they have created and is environment this involves all children’s mobility and has a meaning. Several things whom we do as teachers can help to learn, among others even unnecessarily and may even exist that endanger! When look for explanation for the low accomplishment and behaviour problem, teacher necessary prepared beforehand remember limitedness at environment and process learns than in child self. They are necessary reflects what they teach and how do they teach.

What do they say and do at class to build comprehension between students? How do they introduce new topics? How did they connect new erudition by what known child?

Teacher inclined indicate in child weakness than admire them because efforts and enhanced (little). Too many this child’s is very lessens heart, and can cause self low feeling and failure. Teacher necessary realize this matter.

Instruction in general group activity, while study more to individual activity and not all students learns with speed same or in the same way.

Teacher necessary considering how many wisdom and practice that aim in labelling student. Watchfulness about interaction teacher and student show to how teacher often behaviour differ to individual student based on in their perception self about student ability.

They are that given label ldquo; low accomplishment & rdquo; or ldquo; indolent learn student & rdquo; often get ghost of a chance compare another person to participate, and they are that looked at as ldquo; not discipline & rdquo; treated in such a manner, even when do they good behaviour. Teacher necessary reflexive in assumption and expectation they are with ask feedback from children about teaching and learning process and whereof that at class in general. All teachers must do this such as those which revealed in them what be identified student as characteristic have a certain quality in teacher, almost without exception related to teacher ability to identified them as individual by positive, treat them dispassionately and dear sirs, make lesson interesting and various, give push and say so that they believe their self and the ability.

This means that connection teacher - student and which are positive class climate is important factor in influences to how child gets experience goes. Teacher not only teach erudition and know-how, they also help student to explain to who them. From interaction everyday with teacher, child learns to detect to what them important or not, clever or slow, liked or unpopular. A teacher sends this message passes the behaviour, gesti, and words. From message that accepted this child them decides to risk participation at class activity or not. Teacher must detect that involvement not always come easily and that this need a pleasant class environment according to psychologies and trusted. Motivation to learn and to behaviour based on in interest. If teacher success stimulates taste want to know between students, they also will find fellow-feeling between student to will learn and behaviour good.

That instruction taste wants to know far child more motivating effectively than force them to do duties that they consider irrelevant and boring. Therefore interacted teacher manner with child and manner teach it that is important in prevent undue behaviour.

But, although that positive interaction efforts, behaviour problem may be still to happen and teacher must be prepared to this with various technique revolve from counselling, focus in comprehension, together overcome offish behaviour problem undue while preserves suitable behaviour. Important that teacher must always realize that behaviour undue, not the child! Can teacher see to exceed behaviour that undue and see an estimable human? With will pass this test will make teacher more can trusted, not only as teacher but also, and more important again, as honest loving human. Teacher may be too focus in what must be done when does child behaviour undue. Technique discipline often understood by teacher as something that apart from instruction technique, only used if and when does problem appear. But, class management is effective instruction integral part that prevents behaviour problem passes planning, management, and configuration activity learns better, instruction matter gift better, and student teacher interaction better, take aim in involvement optimize and student agreement in learn. Behaviour control technique or discipline in the end not too effective because technique will not push self-discipline development or child responsibility self on the action. Student not automatic be discipline in certain age or pass control or compulsion. Values and social craft must be taught and exemplified by teacher. Learn to be human that and make choices that need practice, belong to make error. Here's

Called class management and effective instruction. And that's, not only give curriculum, education aim!

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