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A. Meaning of Prayer / Benediction
Prayer is begging or asking for something that is good to God like asking the safety of life, the lawful rizki faith and determination. Should we pray to God every moment because it will always be heard by Him.

B. Destination pray / Pray
-  Apply to live always in the guidance of Allah SWT
-  In order to survive the afterlife
-  To express gratitude to Allah SWT
-  Asking for the protection of Allah from Satan the accursed

C. When the right time / efficacious to pray to Allah SWT
-  When reading the Quran
-  After Solat mandatory
-  In the middle of the night after prayers tahajud
-  The pilgrimage
-  When fasting obligatory and sunnah

D. Etiquette or procedure to pray / pray
-   Facing the Qibla / Kaaba
-  Before reading Basmalah pray, seek forgiveness, and hamdalah. Followed salawa prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions.
-  Raise both hands before praying and wiping the face with your palms after prayer.
-  Soften the sound and the quiet time to pray
-  Humble, sincere and serious
-  Hoping to Allah accepted his prayer
-  Pray repeated at a later time to show our seriousness in order granted by Allah SWT
-  After the prayer concludes with blessing and praise to the Prophet of Allah SWT.

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