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You remember this hilarious mullahs? Once upon a time. Nashreddin told to preach at the mosque Friday. Actually Nashreddin not ready, but he was embarrassed to the point. As the Friday Prayer came, he went up to the pulpit.
"Brothers and Sisters if you know what would I preach?"
"No, yes Mullah ..."
"Then, there's no point in me preach, because what I am saying here is very important." Nashreddin came down from the pulpit. The congregation was stunned. They're curious. Therefore, the Friday before him, the membeludak mosque.

At the same next Friday, was told to preach Nashreddin again, and again he was not ready, but proud to say.
"Gentlemen, do you know, what would I have to say?"
This time the congregation had no answers. "It's so Mullah ..."
"If you already know, for what I preach here?" Back Nashreddin down from the pulpit and preach. Curious pilgrims. They were whispering among each other.

Friday before her, a mosque actually was not able to accommodate the Friday congregational prayers. They packed up the streets.
Nashreddin climbed into the pulpit.
"Gentlemen, if you already know. I want to talk about what?"
"It's part of the crowd ....." replied.
"Not yet replied ....." others.
"Then, please who do not know who to ask to know." Nashreddin was again down from the pulpit with innocent face without sin aka.

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