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Looking at the female chickens lay eggs, the king smiled. He called guard to declare to the people that the kingdom held a contest for the public. The competition was a question that is easy but requires an appropriate response and reasonable. Anyone who can answer that question will be rewarded with a very enticing. A pot full of gold coins. But if you can not answer the punishment to be consequences.

Many people who want to join the competition was especially poor people. Some of them to salivate. Given the weight penalty would be dropped is not surprising that the participants only four people. And one of the participants had very little is Abu Nawas.

Competition rules there are two. First, the answer must be reasonable. Second, participants should be able to answer objections from the King himself.

On the day set the participants were ready at the front of the stage. His Majesty sat on the stage. He called the first participant. The first participant forward, trembling. His Majesty asked,

"Which is first, egg or chicken?" "Eggs." participants answered first.

"For what reason?" asked King.

"When the first chicken was not possible because the chicken comes from eggs." said first participant explained.

"Then who are incubating the egg?" King protested. .
The first participant was white. Her face suddenly turned white as a sheet. He could not answer. He ruthlessly put in jail

Then the second participant forward. He said,

"Your Majesty is glorious, eggs and chicken actually created at the same time."

"How could the same time?" asked King.

"When the first chicken was not possible because the chicken comes from eggs. Teiur first if it is not possible because the eggs can not hatch without the incubated." The second participant said confidently.

"Is not a hen can lay eggs without a rooster?" King objected to discredit. Bjngung second participant. He was thrown into prison.

Then turn to the third participant. He said;

"The noble lord, the chicken was first created more than an egg."

"Tell me your reason." said King.

"According to the servant, who first created the hens." The third participant said convincing.

"Then how can hens breed like now. While there is no rooster." King said the fishing.

"Hens can lay eggs without a rooster. Eggs incubated alone. Then they hatch and lowered male chicks. Then the adult roosters and marry his own mother." The third participant tried to explain.

"What if the hen died before the cock had grown to marry her?"

The third participant was not able to answer the objection Baginda. He was thrown into jail.

Now turn Abu Nawas. He said, "What is certain is the egg first, the chicken."

"Try to explain it logically." said King wanted to know "Chickens can know eggs, on the other hand does not know the chicken egg." Abu Nawas said simply.

His Majesty the King for a long time thinking. This time the king no reason nyanggah Abu Nawas.

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