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"Islam is the religion of the rational and the only religion that denies the existence of original sin." "
Islam is the religion of a rational and universal. He is acceptable and in accordance with common sense. Islam is a religion of mercy for all creatures. Because, although derived in the Arabian Peninsula, Islam is not just for the Arabs, but also can be accepted by people who are not Arabs (ajam).

In fact, the sciences and the teaching contained in the Koran, according to the worldview of humankind. Because of that, no wonder, if the religion brought by Muhammad was easily accepted by people who always use common mind. That's what I experienced Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann, a former German diplomat. He received his Islamic religion, while at the height of his career.

Dr Hofmann, accepting Islam on September 25, 1980. He said the shahada at the Islamic Center of Colonia, led by Imam Ahmad Mohammad Rasoul. He was born in a German Catholic family on July 3, 1931. He is a graduate of Union College in New York and then complete the name with a Doctorate in the field of legal science from the University of Munich, Germany in 1957.

In addition, Hofmann had been a research assistant on the Reform of Federal Civil Procedure. And in 1960, he received his LLM from Harvard Law School. Then, in the year 1983-1987, he was appointed director in Brussels of NATO information. Furthermore, he was assigned as a diplomat (ambassador) of Germany to Algeria in 1987 and ambassador in Morocco in 1990-1994. In 1982 he berumrah, and 10 years (1992) and then perform the pilgrimage.

However, just before in Algeria and Morocco is, Hofmann embraced Islam. And she was only published after his Islamic wrote a book entitled Der Islam als Alternative (Islam as an alternative) in 1992. After the publication of this book, it stirred up Germany.

In the book, he does not just explain that Islam is the best alternative to Western civilization that has lost kropos and justifikasinya, but Hofmann said explicitly, that Islam is a religion alternative to Western society. Islam does not offer itself as another alternative for the post-industrial Western societies. Because it is only Islam is the only alternative was, he wrote.

Therefore, not surprising when the book was published not only the German people have been shocking. At first the I channel television interview with Murad Hofmann. And in the interview, Hofmann told him about his book when he was about to be published interview broadcast itu.Saat, immediately stirred up all the mass media and society of Germany. And once they revile and sued Hofmann, until they read the book. This is not only perpetrated by the media a little cheap, but also by the large mass media like Der Spigel.

In fact, on another occasion, the German television shortly Murad Hofmann shooting while he was conducting prayers at the prayer rug, in the office of the German Ambassador in Morocco, as commented upon by the reporter: Is logical that Germany turned into the Islamic State which is subject to the law of God?

Hofmann smiled at the comments I've managed reporter.Jika us something, then something is a painful reality. That is, Hofmann understood that the Islamic will make people angry German. But he knew, everything he had to face any risk. And for him Islam is a religion of a rational and forward.

As a diplomat, known for Hofmann thought was brilliant. Hence, he added his first name to Murad, which means that search. Weist Leopold, an Austrian Muslims who later renamed Muhammad Asad, said, in the broadest sense, Murad is the goal, which is the highest goal Wilfried Hofmann.

Hofmann Islamic sense of concern based on the western world is starting to lose morale. Religion dianutnya once felt unable to treat the sense of disappointment and concern for the condition.

Moreover, when he served as attaché at the German embassy in Algeria, he witnessed his Algerian Muslims who was patient, strong and brave to face various kinds of tests and trials of other people. On that basis, and the attitude of the Europeans who began to lose his identity and moral, Hofmann decided to embrace Islam.

He felt burdened by the human mind to accept the original sin (derivation / inheritance) and the existence of God but Allah. Why does God have to have a child and then tortured and killed on the cross to save himself. This shows that God does not have the power, he said.

In fact, when times in the search for God, Hofmann never thought about the existence of God. He then did an analysis of the works of philosophers like Wittgenstein, Pascal, Swinburn, and Kant, until finally he was sure to find that God exists.

He then asked; How does God communicate with man and led him? Here he found the revelation of God speaketh. And when comparing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, given the revelation that his people, Hofmann found in Islam, which expressly denies the existence of original sin. <

When people pray, they should not pray or ask the other gods besides Allah, the Creator. A Muslim living in a world without priests and without the religious hierarchy; when praying, he did not pray through Jesus, Mary, or saints, but directly to God, he said.

Hofmann see that Islam is a religion of pure and clean from kesyirikan or the fellowship of God with His creatures. God does not have children and not begotten, he said. In his book Alternative Als Der Islam, Annie Marie Schimmel gave an introduction by quoting the words of Islam means submission Goethe.Jika with sincerity, then on the basis of Islam is we should live and die.

In his book Islamic Trend 2000, Hofmann said, the potential future of the Islamic civilization. He explains, there are three Muslim attitudes toward their future. Namely, the pessimists (who saw the course of history always down), the stagnant (which saw a wave of Islamic history as the up and down), and three groups of optimists (people who see the future moving forward). Therefore, he invited the Muslims to always be optimistic and look on a better tomorrow.

Hofmann also actively involved in many Islamic organizations, such as the OIC. He is always deliver brilliant mind to advance ideas of Islam. In mid-September 2009 and then, he was named as a Muslim Personality of the Year (Muslim Personality of the Year), organized by the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA). Similar award ever given to Dr Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Rational Religion of Islam

There are several reasons that make Murad Wilfried Hofmann finally out of the Catholic and Muslim vote. And the reasons it was an impression on his mind.

In 1961, when he served as an attaché at the German Embassy in Algiers, he found himself in the midst of a bloody guerrilla war between the French and the Algerian National Front has been fighting for the independence of Algeria, for eight years. There he witnessed atrocities and massacres of Algerian population endured. Every day, many residents of Algiers killed.

I witnessed the patience and resilience of the people of Algeria in the face of extreme suffering, they are very disciplined and to fast during Ramadan, their confidence is very high with a victory that will be achieved. I highly applaud and proud of their attitude, he said. Another reason that made him choose Islam, Hofmann was one who loved art and beauty.

Islamic art has a variety of very interesting and beautiful, including the art of architecture. Almost every room is manifested in the beauty of Islamic art is universal. Ranging from calligraphy, carpet patterns, the buildings and architecture the mosque, showing the strength of Islamic art, he explained. From some of the reasons above, the issues that really make it must convert to Islam, because only this religion which does not teach the doctrine of original sin.

The statement contained in the Qur'an is very clear, rational and tegas.Tak no doubt for me the truth of Islam and the mission of the Prophet Muhammad SA, he said. sya / various sources

Hofman Biodata

Name: Wilfried Hofmann

Muslim Name: Murad Wilfried Hofmann

Born: Germany, 6 September 1931

Converted to Islam: 25 September 1980


* Director of NATO Information in Brussels Belgium (1983-1987)

* German Ambassador to Algeria (1987-1990)

* German Ambassador to Morocco (1990-1994).

* Author.

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