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Islam is a religion of peace, universal, and mercy for the whole of nature. Because the basis of that, Islam was well received in many parts of this earth. Starting from the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, Africa, America, to Europe.

[Islam in France Largest in Europe] In the 20th century, Islam is growing rapidly in mainland Europe. Slowly, people in the continent where the majority of blue and Catholic Christians are beginning to accept the presence of Islam. No wonder that later became one of the Islamic religion that get serious attention from the people of Europe.

In France, Islam developed in the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20 M. In fact, in 1922, had stood a very grand mosque called Masjid Raya Joseph in the French capital, Paris. To date, more than 1000 mosques stood throughout France.

In this country, Islam developed by immigrants from Maghreb countries, like Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, and others. Around the 1960s, thousands of Arab workers emigrated (hijra) massively into mainland Europe, particularly in France.

Currently, the number of adherents of Islam in France to reach seven million people. With this amount, the French became the country with the largest Muslims in Europe. Following the later German state of about four million people and the UK about three million inhabitants.

Role of migrant workers from Africa and parts of Asia that make Islam grew rapidly. These workers founded the community or organization to develop Islam. Slowly, the French population was more to Islam.

Because such a rapid effect, the French government had banned distribution of migrant workers to religion, especially Islam. French Government worried that Islamic organizations that do these workers will make pengkotak-boxed people in some ethnic groups. Thus, it can cause disintegration and can divide communities.

Not only that, the door of immigration for workers Moslems grew narrower, even closed. However, the Arab community who want to move to France continues to increase. The door to the more open direction.

Muslim Students

In the 1970s, Muslim immigrants returned to the originator of the trias politica. This time, the Muslim students who came to France to study. The arrival of these students is an important factor which takes a large and important role in encouraging the spread of Islam and Muslims in the heart berkehidupan Napoleon Bonaparte this country.

In 1985, organized a large conference-funded Islamic Nature Rabithah Islami (World Islamic Organization). Participated in the conference with 141 Islamic state's decision to establish the Federation of French Muslims.

This major event did not escape the attention of the world, given the presence of Muslims in one European country has always been a dilemma for local authorities, particularly those involving employment (workers) and social problems.

The results of the conference and the establishment of the federation managed to unite the Muslims were as many as 540 pieces of Islamic organizations in France and throughout 1600 to protect the mosques, educational institutions of Islam, and buildings owned by Muslims.

With this condition, rows (ranks) Muslims became more solid. The more exciting again, most members of the federation that runs the organization from the very young French Muslims themselves.

The Federation aims to play an active role in the success of Islamic activities in France and provide knowledge and education about Islam to the people of France.

These institutions play a major role in bridging the French Muslim community with local government, especially in voicing the interests of Muslims.

''With this agreement, the Muslims have equal rights with people of Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant,''said a government minister, Nicolas Sarkozy.

The organization is a combination of the three major Islamic organizations in France, the Paris Mosque, the National Federation of Muslims, and the Union of French Islamic Organizations.

Banning hijab

France, which is also known as the state this mode, once banned Muslim women wear Hijab around the year 1989. Muslim students expelled from classes for wearing the hijab, Muslim workers fired from the office for wearing a headscarf. However, they did not give up. French Muslims shook Paris with demo actions demanding freedom. And, Muslims in various countries had joined to protest the policy.

Finally, the government issued a policy on November 2, 1992 that allowed the students to wear Muslim headscarves in state schools.

Now, the appearance of veiled women in France into a single Islamic phenomenon that is very strong in the country. They not only present in the mosques or religious centers of other Islamic, but also in public schools, universities, and public places other.

Many things that affect the development of Islam in France. One of them is the 1991 Gulf War led to the emergence of an identity crisis among young Muslims in France. These conditions encourage them more diligent to come to the mosque. Intifada movement in Palestine is also encouraging the increasing number of French Muslims who worship to the mosque.

Muslims in France have a very important role. They play a role in all sectors. Starting from the education, financial institutions, government, sports, social, and others.

In fact, in World War I and II, Muslims in Europe helped noted against the Nazi occupation. The participation of Muslims in opposing the Nazi occupation became an integral part of the history of France's struggle for independence.

Mosques and Islamic Schools Rising

Berkembangannya Along with the state of Islam in France, the number of facilities and activities of Islamic worship were increasing.

According to a survey conducted French Muslim groups, until the year 2003, the number of mosques in France throughout 1554 to reach the fruit. Starting from the form of a rented room in the basement until the building is owned by the Muslims and was built in public places.

The development of Islam and mosques in France are also written by a French journalist who was also an expert on Islam, Xavier Ternisien. In his latest book, Ternisien writing, at Saint Denis region, north of France, there were approximately 97 mosques, while in the south of France as much as 73 mosques.

Ternisien added, the mosques are a lot of standing in France with the dome-dome is a unique show that Islam is now more prominent in the country. Islam in France is no longer religious in the past to move quietly.

''Mosques in France are now even built on land owned by Muslims themselves, no longer in the rental as in the past,''he said.

Apparently, in the coming years, the number of mosques will be increasingly in France. Some mosques are now sometimes can not accommodate all the worshipers. Mosques in the area of Belle Ville and Barb├Ęs, for example, some pilgrims were forced to pray up to the curb.

At first, mosques in France founded by Muslims from Pakistan who worked in factories in Paris, France. They change the little room where lunch or change clothes into the room to pray. Sometimes, they use in her dorm room as a means of worship. Thus, it continues to grow and spread.

Increasing development it makes some people worry the French. The mosques are often the target of attacks smelled of racism. Bleak period mosques in France occurred in 2001. A number of mosques targeted attacks using Molotov cocktails. In fact, there is the mosque that was burned. Another form of attack is to draw on the walls of the mosque and the walls of the house priests mosque with swastikas. However, so far, no human rights organizations or associations that questioned the Muslim attacks.


Not only the growing mosque, the Islamic educational institutions in the country this mode also helped develop. A number of Islamic schools in France stood. Until now, there are at least four private Muslim schools.

''The government recently gave permission to start operations,''said Mahmoud Awwad, sponsors and director of the school Education et Savior.

Initially, a school founded in Vitrerie, a suburb south of Paris. Curriculum tailored to the French national education curriculum, but there are additional local content specific lessons about Islam, such as Arabic language and Islamic religion.

Education et Savior is the second school was opened in Paris after school on the outskirts Reussite Aubervilliers, north of Paris, and the fourth in France. Two other Islamic private school is Ibn Rushd in the City of Lille, northern France, and Al-Kindi in the city of Lyon.

So far, Muslims in France want to have a private school after Paris banned Islamic headscarves and religious symbols in public schools four years ago. Muslim girls wearing the hijab will be excluded from school and these conditions make their future bleak.

Awwad admitted, it is not difficult to get a permit the establishment of Islamic schools. Unlike''school of Al-Kindi, we do not see obstacles,''said Awwad. The opening of Al-Kindi in Lyon a barrier when opened in 2006.

Academy of Lyon, state education agencies in the city's highest, rejected the school's operating license and closed the school for reasons the school did not meet the standards of cleanliness and safety. However, the Administrative Court in Lyon cancel the closure in February last year. This means that Al-Kindi school could open a new school in March 2007.

According to the French Muslim leaders, the incident at Al-Kindi instead encourage the Muslim community to open a similar school. Controversy''Al-Kindi to break the fear on the Muslim minority to have more schools,''said Lhaj Thami Breze, chairman of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, UOIF. osa / taq

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