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Jamu is the name for traditional medicine from Indonesia. Later, popularly known as herbs or herbs.

Herbal medicine made from natural materials, form part of such plant rhizome (roots), leaves and bark, fruit. There also used material from the animal body, such as bile tangkur goat or alligator.

Jamu is usually tastes bitter, so need to add honey as a sweetener to taste more tolerable peminumnya.

In many large cities there are professional sellers who carry medicinal herbs around hawking as a healthy drink and refreshing. Besides herbal medicine is also produced in medicinal plants by large companies such as Herbal Water Feature, Nyonya Meneer or Djamu Djago, and sold at various drug stores in sachet packaging. This herbal medicine should be dissolved in hot water first before drinking. In the further development of herbal medicine is also sold in tablet form, extract and capsules.


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