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This is a continuation great aviation ware in insect of our previously discussed. One of the human greatness when compared with other living creatures is the ability to learn from anyone, anytime, anywhere. By reason and mind, human beings can manage and control a lot of things around him to make an extremely valuable lesson in his life. With his conscience, man can grasp the spiritual values that will help to pacify him. Something that can not be done by any animals or plants

In this study, humans can learn from the dinosaurs, chameleon, or a butterfly. Dinosaurs, reptiles creature believed to live in a million years ago, had such a great physical and strong, but its ability to adapt so weak. Proven, dinosaurs are now extinct. We can only watch with ease through the film or the statues in the zoo. Similar fate was also suffered mamoth (early elephant), turtle Mauritius, and may not be long before the one-horned rhinoceros. When a person or organization feel big and strong, who became arrogant and feel no need to change and adaptation, may be will end up like dinosaurs or other animals are now extinct.

Other interesting lessons can we draw from the chameleon. This one animal, have the ability to almost perfect adaptation. But unfortunately only for such a short time and more on skin side only, so as not to touch the change in a very fundamental: the changing character and performance. This would be very different from the change of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The process of change that happens to take place so fantastic caterpillar. Caterpillar, with the form, character and performance that describes inertia, ugliness, and tend to be repulsive, with an extraordinary process suddenly changed into a beautiful creature, dynamic, and very helpful in the process of plant reproduction.

In the new realization, who does not love a butterfly? Impression that the creature had come from animals which have vanished disgusting. There lived a sense of awe and wonder at the colorful wings and body skin. Therefore, in this process, we can learn that the butterflies are not just doing the adaptation, but have come to the level of transformation. A change of identity that a total and fundamental. We call metamorphosa or in an Islamic context is often called the hijra.
The process changes a caterpillar into a butterfly is what actually can make our philosophy and inspiration for the change process itself and our organization. We can start by changing our minds. Why? Since the change of mind is the beginning of the change of fortune and our lives. The logic is this. If we are willing to change our minds, the same as we change our self confidence. If we are willing to change self-confidence, it means the same as we change our expectations. Changing expectations is identical to the change in attitude. Changing attitudes third quarter of money by changing behavior. If behavior change, performance was also changed. If performance changes, the fate will be changed. And finally, if fate is the same change in our lives are also changing.

In a broader scale, if the change in modes of thinking individuals can accumulate well, then the change in productivity or corporate organization is not something impossible happens. Associated with this, human resources management becomes a driving force of change individuals and groups, by itself must be able to portray himself not only as an administrative expert. But also as an employee champion, strategic partners, as well as change agents, as expressed in his book, Dave Ulrich's Human Resource Champions. This means that human resource management can no longer just the administrative nuances, but must also consider their aspirations, providing resources that help facilitate their tasks, align HR management with business strategy, and directs the management of human resources on developing the capacity to change, by making resources more well come to change.

Thus the importance of thinking in the process of change, then we should be doing is programming paradigm hijra. If we've been more inclined to think reactively, it is time to think creatively. When the days have passed we are more colored by negative thinking, now is the time we paint life with positive thinking, and so on.

When we feel comfortable with the changes, we may be able to become role models for other changes. When we have become agents of change, then the process of change within the organization or company can be like a snowball that has incredible powers. When is it going to start you do? You should not procrastinate. Try to start now. (www.primagama.co.id source)

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