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Every person must have a plan in his life. One of them, how he will enjoy the old days later. Alternatives that can be selected? to collect enough retirement savings or owning their own business while still in their productive age. Which is more appropriate? Here's a tip from Eko Endarto RFA, a financial planner from Financial Consulting, not to be involved in some improper decisions before deciding to end a career and starting my own business.

Read opportunity
Basically, the views from a choice of career or entrepreneurial rather than an opportunity. Opportunities will always exist. However, the most important thing to note is whether the opportunity can be a good prospect for our future? Understand if it had passed thorough consideration. All options must have advantages and disadvantages. The best way to find the right choice is to make consideration of opportunities that can give us good prospects for the future. If the prospect is good and it could happen, then whatever the choice will not be a problem.

Can at any time
Options entrepreneurship can actually be done anytime. Is when still in their productive age, or when it enters retirement. In principle, if the feeling of choice and opportunity that can bring good prospects given, then why not? Good prospects are not just seen from the wealth or welfare that can be achieved, but also provides self-actualization.

Regarding the determination of any kind of business can be started, beginning of course faster is better.

Remember, entrepreneurship is a process, not like work and receive salaries directly after a month we receive a job. The result will be picked after fruitless efforts and the arrival of that success can not be predicted; may quickly, can also slow; depending on how a person through the process.

Seriousness and discipline
Before starting entrepreneurship, to be sure there will be a big question that block: How much capital should be collected to be able to start a new business?

Actually there is no benchmark of how much money it needs capital, but most important is the commitment and discipline in capital through the process. However, it is impossible to run a business without any money at all. Fixed capital calculation required prior to running the business.

Well, the amount of capital required is highly dependent to the type and magnitude of business that will be executed. If starting from a small business, only with the funds of Rp 100 000 one we can start a business. Similarly, for larger businesses.

However, with USD 100 million fund, venture capital can also be less if used for other types of business. Thus, venture capital is highly depending on the type and scale of its business scale. We recommend either calculated with business objectives will be carried out first and set aside income as a future capital.

How much funding is allocated? Minimal set aside 20 percent of income to be collected as a business capital. Suppose that this business is the future as a future investment.

Focus on goals
Before choosing to entrepreneurship, to understand if on each business would have a difficult time. Keep in mind, the business is a process. In the process there is always a good time, but some are not good. When hard times come, try to remember back that one of the reasons we chose entrepreneurship is a more promising future prospect or at least be better than current conditions.

Another important thing to note is to always focus on future goals. Perhaps there will always be a small shock on the way to reach a goal, but not to destroy the confidence, let alone to eliminate the expectation of future goals.

Insurance business
All activities must be no risk, including business. In addition, at this time, you can choose to run that risk alone with personal wealth or by putting a risk to other people with insurance. Indeed, the business basically can not be insured. However, most business assets can be insured.

Business assets such as place of business, merchandise, or other types of assets can still be insured. How, by contacting the insurance company. With them, we can calculate the amount of assets that can be insured. In addition, consult about the product that best suits the most likely risk to the business you choose.

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