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Biography of Imam Al-Shafi'i

His name is Muhammad ibn Idris ibn al-Abbas ibn 'Uthman ibn Shafi'I bin Ubaid bin As-Saib bin Yazid bin Abdi bin Al-Muttalib bin Hashim Abdi Manaf ibn Qusai bin bin Murrah bin Ka'ab Kilab Lu'ai bin Ghalib bin. His nickname was Abu Abdillah.

He was born in Gaza in 150 Hegira of the year when Imam Abu Hanifah An Nu'man died. His father died young, so Muhammad ibn Idris Al-Shafi'i became orphans in the care of his mother. At the age of seven years he had memorized the Qur'an Juz 30, at the age of 10 years (according to another narration, 13 years), he memorized the book of Al-Muwatta 'of Imam Malik's work and at the age of 15 years (according to another narration, 18 years) he has been entrusted to a Muslim teacher berfatwa by Khalid ibn az-Zanji.

Demanding early knowledge

 Imam Al-Shafi'i said, "I was an orphan under the care of my mother. My mother did not have the money to pay for a teacher to teach me. But a teacher has let me study with him when he was teaching. When I finished my had khatam al-Quran, I went into the mosque to attend the lessons given to the scholars. In that study, I memorize the hadith and religious issues. Due to poverty, when I saw the bone that resembles a board, then the bone that I take to write the hadith and some religious issues. "

Imam An-Nawawi Imam Shafi'i discuss about that in short is as follows: "Imam Shafi'i fiqh of Muslim deepen Khalid bin Az-Zanji and priests another Mecca. Then he moved to Medina, with the aim of learning from Abu Abdillah Malik ibn Anas. While in Medina, Imam Malik bin Anas, As-Shafi'I treated with noble because nasab, science, analysis, sense and reason in attitude. Imam Al-Shafi'i then read by rote the book Al-Muwatta '(the work of Imam Malik) to Imam Malik. Hearing bacaanya against Al Muwatta ', the Imam Malik was amazed so he asked that the Imam Al-Shafi'i to read it again. After how long with Imam Malik, finally he said to Al-Shafi'i, "Fear Allah. Surely in the future you will have something great. "In a history it is mentioned that Imam malik said to Imam Al-Shafi'i," Verily, Allaah has illuminated your heart with nurNya, then do not put out nurNya with disobeying Allaah. "Having studied by Imam Malik, Imam Al-Shafi'i and then moved to Yemen. From Yemen, he then moved to Iraq to occupy himself in the science of religion. During his stay in Iraq, he produced a book called The Book of Al-Hujjah which later became known Qaul qadim Imam Al-Shafi'i. In the year 199 H, he left Iraq to Egypt. All his known works written by Qaul Jadid in Egypt. While in Egypt this is the name of Imam Al-Shafi'i many people mentioned that he was a goal many people to gain knowledge, whether originating from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. "


Ar Rabee 'bin Sulaiman said that Imam Shafi'I, dividing the night into three parts: the first to write a third, second third and last third to pray for sleep.

Shafi'I priest is someone who is very generous to everybody. Al-Humaidi said that the Imam of the local Shafi'I Sin'an to Mecca with ten thousand dinars in hand. He then set up a tent city outside Mecca, so people are coming in asking for money. Before the dark night came, so the money has run out without the slightest remaining.

Ar-Rabi 'to tell you that there is someone who has taken a mule owned by the Imam Shafi'i. then he said, "O Rabi ', give to the thief was four pence, and have him apologize to me."

Pupil-teacher and pupil

Imam Shafi'I teachers including: the Muslim bin Khalid Az Zanji, Imam Malik ibn Anas, Sufyan bin 'Uyainah, Isma'il ibn Hatim.

Her students: Sulaiman bin Dawood Al Hasyimi, Thawr Ibrahim ibn Khalid, Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, Ar Rabee 'bin Sulaiman Al Jizi.

His works

Al Bayhaqi in Managhib Shafi'I said that Imam Ash Shafi'I has produced about 140 of the book, both in Usul and Furu '.

His works include: the book of Al-Umm, As Sunan Al Ma'tsurah, Ar Risala, Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar.


Dihikayatkan that there are some prominent clerics in Iraq who feel envy and jealousy towards Imam Shafi'i and attempt to drop it. This is because Imam Shafi'i advantage over them in the science and wisdom, as well as he earned a special place in the hearts of the prosecution of science so that they are so enthusiastic about attending majlisnya alone and feeling so satisfied with the opinion and scientific capacity. Therefore, these spiteful agreed to drop the Imam Shafi'i. The trick, they will ask some tricky questions in the form of a puzzle to test his intelligence and how deep his knowledge in the presence of the caliph is good, Harun ar-Rashid. Caliph was very fond of Imam Shafi'i, and much praise. After preparing some of these questions, the spiteful is telling the caliph regarding their willingness to test the Imam Shafi'i. The caliphs were present and heard directly throw some of these questions are answered by the Imam Shafi'i so intelligent and very eloquent.

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