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Ants little creatures who always despised. Physical form of small, dirty place. Sometimes we even glanced at the soap. But has it ever occurred to us, the ants are bad this temple which turned out to have the nature of this have become rare in this country.

Sometimes we get upset if we dikerubutin ants eat and drink. But we can never learn from an ant. In fact, we easily killed him.

Subhanallah, Glory to God, the Almighty Allah, the Most Perfect of God with all perfect beings creations 

My friend, the little time I love to see the procession of ants, sometimes I follow up where they walk, I'm also glad, when ants in opposite directions meet, then they pause again to continue his journey continues, then I think, they handshake .. 

My best friend in the Qur'an also there Anml letter (Letter 27), who calls animals such as Word ANTS: 

Till, when they reached the valley of ants, an ant said: O ants, go into the nest-nest, that ye be not trampled by Solomon and his army, while they did not realize "; (Sura: 27, Verse 18) 

God mentioned animals Ants in this Letter, so that people take a lesson from the ant's life.
Ants are animals that live in groups in the soil, making holes and space-story level, as a house and barn winter larder. Neatness and discipline contained in this ant empire, in express God in this verse with how people seek shelter immediately so that ants do not trampled by the Prophet Peace be upon Sulaiman Salam and his army, after receiving a warning from the king
Indirectly, God reminds us that humans in trying to replenish their daily needs, emphasis is also kemudharatan together and so forth. 
What if we want to reflect briefly. How simple this little creature. Although we give one liter of sugar they take only one seed. Nothing more and nothing less. Compare this with us, had been given a variety of facilities but still complained shortage. Even the unashamedly still take longer belonged to someone else alias corruption.

They did not talk much but a lot of work, even with selfless spirit of mutual cooperation. In contrast to the attitude of society today, everything is measured by the material. No more the spirit of mutual cooperation. To watch the night watchmen have been reluctant if not paid, my grave!

While I was busy talking presidential candidate again on whether there are some figures from our national leaders who have the character of this ant? Or perhaps they were reluctant to admit it. And still with haughty attitudes regard what they have now is still less than adequate and remain eager to add to the treasure coffers without wanting to care for others less fortunate. Wallahualam bissawab.

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