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Sheikh Ahmad Bahjad in his book "Knowing God", giving the following terms: "Dhikr orally like the name of Allah over and over again. And one level above the oral dhikr is thinking about God's presence in the heart, then God's efforts to enforce sharia law in the land and membumikan Qur'an in life.
Also included is the dhikr smarten everyday quality of charity and make it as a hyper dhikr new creativity in working with the direct intent to God (lillahita'ala). "
Other scholars divide into two, namely dhikr: dhikr with the tongue, and dhikr in the heart. Oral Dhikr is the road that will deliver the chaotic thoughts and feelings toward the heart dhikr assessment, then this is the heart dhikr all spiritual depth would seem more spacious, since in the heart of this area of knowledge in the form of Allah will send inspiration.
Imam Al Qushayri said: "If a servant with verbally and heart dhikr, meaning he is a man who was perfect in nature and behavior."
Dhikr Allah meaningful, that people realized it was coming from the Creator, who is always watching everything he does. Thus man would dare to cheat impossible and sinners before Him. Dhikr means life, because this man is makhluq that will perish (mortal), while the ever living God, look, powerful, close, and hear, while linking (dhikr) of God, means connecting with the source of life (Al Hayyu).

Word of the Prophet: "The likeness of those who make dhikr dhikr with people who do not like people who live with people who are dead." (Narrated by Bukhari)
That picture of the Prophet narrated dhikr. That the dhikr of Allah is not just a literary expression, singing, lafadz calculations, but a nature which is believed to be within the spirit and feel God's presence disegenap state, and hold fast to Him and rely on the life and death is only for God's sake.
The Word of God:
"And do thou (a) your Lord in your heart (soul) with humility and fear, and by not amplify sound, in the morning and evening, and do not include people who are negligent." (Qs Al A'raaf: 205)
I was confronted face to face that created the heavens and the earth, with a straight. I'm not one to shirk doing, real prayer, ibadahku, my life, and my death I give it (surrender) to God all of Nature ...
The lafadz calculations, such as reading Asmaul Husna, reading the Qur'an, prayer, pilgrimage, zakat, etc., are part of the means dzikrullah, not dhikr itself, namely in order to surrender (spiritual and physical) to God. There is no higher glory than the dhikr and no value is more valuable than the business brings in the heart of God, prostrated himself because of his greatness, and subject to all His commands and to receive His every decision is the Wise
Dhikr means love to God, there is no higher level than the love of God ..., then you berdzikirlah (with call) Allah as you remember your parents, or even more than that ... (Al Baqarah: 200)
"Say, if your fathers, children, children, brothers, wives, kindred, the wealth that you try, you khawatiri perniagaaan disadvantages, and houses that you like, are dearer to you than the Allah and His Messenger, and (of) jihad in His way, then wait until Allah brings His decision. and Allah does not guide the wicked. " (Surat At Taubah: 24)

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