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In ancient times, there was there was a grandfather who was well respected. He is known to fear God, infatuated in truth, worship shall at all times, keep the prayers five times and always try to read the Qur'an in the morning and evening. Besides known pious and devout, he was also famous for muscular strength and smart. He had a lot of things that caused it remains capable of maintaining potency.

One day, he was sitting at work while smoking with pleasure (according to customs that time). His right hand holds a constantly rotating beads in his hand every time. Suddenly a huge snake approached with haste. Apparently, the snake was trying to escape the pursuit of a man who (then came after him) carried a cane.

"Grandpa," called the snake was really pitiful, "his famous grandfather helpful. Help me, save me not to be killed by a man who was chasing me that. He would kill me so I managed to catch. Obviously, you're very good if you want to open his mouth wide so that I can hide in it. By God and by the paternal grandfather, I beg, I request this kabulkanlah. "

"Repeat your vows again," said the grandfather. "Afraid, after I opened my mouth, you go into it and congratulations, you're back with the best minds keculasan. Once saved, lest ye harm me instead. "

Snake took the oath in the name of God that he would not do that again. After the snake said his oath, his grandfather had opened his mouth along the snake was able to enter.

A moment later, there came a man with a cane in hand. He asked that the presence of snakes that kill. Grandpa claimed that he did not see the snake was asking and did not know where the snake was located. Were unable to find what he seeks, he was gone.

After the man was some distance away, grandfather and talking to the snake: "Now, you're safe. Get out of my mouth, so I can go now. "

The snake was just his head slightly, then said: "Well, you thought I was well familiar with your environment, where people can discern where people are evil and good, whichever is dangerous for you and which are useful. In fact, you do not know anything. You can not even distinguish between living things and inanimate objects. "

"The proof you just let your opponent get into your mouth, but everyone knew that he wanted to kill you every chance. Now I give you two choices, whatever you choose which; want to eat eat your heart or your heart? Both are equally make you dying. "Kontan threatening snake.

"La haula illallah wa He quwwata aliyyi billahi al` al-`azhim [no power and no strength except with Allah the Most High and the Great] (expression of anger), do not I have saved you, but now I also want you to kill? It's up to the One God alone. He's good enough for me, as the best helper. "A moment later the old man seemed stunned, shocked by the incident he had never suspected before, her good deeds bear fruit regrets.

The old man finally speaks again, "some as bad as you, of course, you will not forget in a friendly my remarks. Before you really kill me, let me go to a place that is spacious. There was a tree where I used to take shelter. I want to die there so far away from my family. "

Snakes grant his request. However, in his heart, the old man's wish, "Oh, if God sends good people who can opt out of this evil serpent and rescued me."

Once up and take shelter under a tree to go to, he said on the snake: "Now, please do what you want. Carry your plan. Kill me like you want. "

Suddenly she heard a melodious voice floated out on her:
"O Grandfather a good reason, trustees and generous. O people of good track record, the sincerity and intentions of the holy heart has caused your enemy can get into your body, while you have no way to get them out again. Try you view this tree. Daunnnya Take a few sheets and then eat. Sentiasa help from God. "

Suggestion was then he amalkan well so when out of her mouth had become a dead snake. Then the grandfather was a free and safe from dangerous enemies threatening her life. Grandpa was thrilled that said, "Whose voice I had heard so I can survive?"

The voice replied that he was a helper for every virtue and good-hearted players. The voice said, "I know you are oppressed, then the permission of the Life and Substance Yang Maha Maha Stand Alone (God) I come to save you."

Adoring grandfather immediately, sign thankfulness to God who has given help by sending an interpreter for her savior. "

At the end of the story, the Saudis gave message:
"Beware of any libel and malicious because no matter how small your enemy, he must be bothering you. The wicked will never win because the behaviors of evil. "

Then the Saudis held me and hugged my son. On my wife she said goodbye. He departed from us. Only God knows how sad we were due to leave him. We realize fully its role in saving us from the mud of poverty to become wealthy.

However, not a few days she was gone, I have started to change. One by one I ignored his advice. Wisdom-Wisdom of Solomon and his message began to forget. I began to drown himself in a sea of sinners, have fun and get drunk. I became like spending money.

As a result, the neighbors became jealous. They are jealous that so many of my possessions. Considering they did not know the source pendapatanku, they then mengadukanku to the village chief. The chief called me and asked where it came from wealth. He also asked me to pay the money in large quantities as a tax, but I refused. He forced me to obey his orders as he spread the threat.

After paying so much that was left of my possessions was a small, one time fee less than usual. He was angry and told people to mencambukku. Then he threw me into jail. It's been three years in prison I was, feeling a variety of different torture. I sedetikpun not miss unless I ask the Substance which laid out the earth and made the sky so high so soon to release me from this dark prison and return my wife and my children.

But, of course, I would not be able to quit without good reason from King Rashid, the great king, and punish with the full consideration.

Caliph became shocked and saddened to hear about it. Caliph had ordered that he be released and given a little money instead of the losses he has experienced pain and debasement. He also prayed to God with Khushuu, the only One who is worshiped, so that Caliph and Commander of the Faithful bermarwah always happy, as long as the sun was still rising and over the birds still sing.

The prisoners at the Baghdad prison pray that more and more long-lived after Caliph Caliph left considerable wealth for them.

Caliph then returned to his palace, located on the edge of the river Tigris. In the palace had to wait siti Zubaidah. Caliph and told him what he's done, Zubaidah was glad to hear it. He thanked and praised for doing good Caliph. Zubaidah also pray that the Caliph longevity.

Source: Mansur, Affandi Wahbah (Translator). tt. Yaum Alfu wa Yaum. Egypt: Dar al-Hilal. p. 38-40.
Translated in English by Andra