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        Eve of fasting tradition of Javanese society that is still alive, namely Megengan .. This tradition is usually carried out before the fasting. This paper is of course with the intention that the Javanese Islam does have many unique traditions in the implementation of Islam. This tradition is truly a tradition indigenius or distinctive, not shared by Muslims elsewhere. This tradition is marked by a perfunctory ceremony to mark salvation will the entry of the fasting month of Ramadan is believed to be a holy month and special. 

            Same with other traditions within Islam of Java, then this tradition is also not known for certain who created and started its implementation. But of course there is a strong suspicion that this tradition was created by Sunan Kalijaga walisanga especially Kanjeng. Indeed, this is merely conjecture, but given that the creations of Javanese Islam especially involving new traditions are varied acculturative is mostly coming from Sunan Kalijaga Kanjeng thought, then presumably this allegation could be accounted for.
Megengan in lughawi means hold. For example in the phrase megeng breath, that is breathtaking, megeng lust means abstinence and so on. In the context of fasting, then the question is abstinence during the fasting month. Symbolically, the ceremony megengan meant to be a marker that people will enter the month of fasting so that should restrain the passions, whether associated with eating, drinking, sexual intercourse and other passions.

Thus, megeng means a marker for the Muslims to prepare specifically in the face of a very sacred month in Islam. The walisanga does teach Islam to the community with various symbols. And for that there was made a tradition to mark it, most of whom are using the medium slametans although its name varies greatly. 

Breath of Islam is very evident in this tradition. And as it is known that Islam is indeed highly recommend it to someone able to withstand the passions. Humans should be abstinence anger, lust-driven anger, selfish, snobby, self-righteous and selfish. Lust is lust anger ego or selfishness of the most frequent human lull. Everyone has a selfish attitude as part of a desire to defend itself. 

But if lust is growing without control, then it would be misleading because a person will fall to the attitude of "sopo Siro sopo ingsung" or attitudes that consider themselves the most powerful, while others not at all. Lust anger is a symbol of the selfishness of human nature in dealing with humans or other creatures of God. 

Then lawwamah or lust lust lust biological or physical, that is lust that drives humans to animals is just as concerned with biological lust alone or just physical needs. This passion is important because without it the human passions would not be possible to develop themselves and their families. Humans need to eat, drink, berharta, and so on.
But if it is pursued only then people will fall into the physical needs with no regard for others that are also important. So the balance between egoistic and biological needs are mutmainnah lust, lust of religious or ethical base all actions based on religion. Mutmainnah passion is what will bring people to come to his Lord. (* / Written Prof. Dr. Nur Syamsi Msi)

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