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Teacher character in class management of vital importance especially in create study atmosphere that interesting. That is because according to principle, teacher holds two tasks all at once main problem, which is instruction and class management. Task all at once first problem, that is instruction, meant all effort helps student in achieve study aim. On the contrary, management problem related to effort to create and defend condition in such a manner so that study process can go on effectively and efficient for reached study aim.

Failure a teacher achieves study aim in proportion to with teacher disability managed class. Indicator from that failure likes accomplishment learns low pupil, disagree with standard or size limit that determined.

Therefore, class management is teacher competence of vital importance dominated in order to study process. Therefore so every teacher is demanded has ability in managed class.

Usman in one of [the] the book proposes that a condition learn optimal can reached if teacher can to regulate pupil and study tool with restrain it in fun atmosphere to achieve instruction aim. Here, how effective class management is absolute prerequisite for effective teaching and learning process creation also.

Based on opinion above, clear how does the important class management to create class atmosphere conducive by increase study quality. Class management is task and teacher responsibility to make use all potential in class by study process continuance. Matter this means every teacher is demanded professionally managed class so that created class atmosphere conducive begin from beginning up to end study.

Class atmosphere creation conducive to subsidize optimal study process demands teacher ability to detect, realize, choose, and apply to approach that evaluated effective create class atmosphere conducive in subsidize optimal study process.

At least there seven approach that can be done by teacher for class management. First, approach power that is teacher power existence in supervises student behaviour all at once apply operative norm and bidding by student so that study can go on well.

Second, approach freedom. In course of student study is given freedom to learn at class and permanent teacher supervises all student behaviour in class. Approach freedom is used to help student does activity learns well.

Third, approach recipe that done with give one list that can describe what must and what not be may be done by teacher to responses all problems or situation that happens at class. In that list be described stage by what be must be done by teacher.

Fourth, approach study. Approach this based on a assumption that in a planning and execution will prevent student behaviour problem appearance and break that problem when can not be prevented. Approach suggests teacher behaviour to prevent and stop student behaviour unfavourable with plan and good implementation lesson.

Fifth, approach behaviour change. Class management be process to change where student behaviour unfavourable be changed so that be good and good strived for defended. This matter of vital importance so that student can follow lesson well.

Sixth, approach emotion atmosphere and social connection. Approach this orientation in class management based on feeling atmosphere and social atmosphere in class as a group individual. Approach this in a mood for elucidation opinion.

Follow to approach this, class management is a process creates climate or emotional atmosphere and which are positive social connections in class. Emotional atmosphere and which are positive social connection with good connection creation between teacher with student, and between students with student.

Last, approach pluralistic. Approach this emphasized in potential, creativity and initiative teacher in controls study atmosphere. Therefore, approach pluralistic must base to face that situation.

Use approaches this in situation that may be used with two combination or three approach above, or approach other that evaluated teacher can effective in increase study quality. In word meaning, approach this more has flexible.

As appendix, there is no one approach that fit and correct for all situation. So it, approach which best to used, all base on creativity and teacher ability managed class in so many situation that sure differ also.

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