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There was a yogis (yoga expert) led a conspiracy to deceive the Reverend Iman Abu Nawas. Once they reach agreement, they went to see Abu Nawas at his residence.

When they came to Abu Nawas was doing solat Duha. Once invited in by the wife of Abu Nawas them in and waited, chatting casually.

Done to perform their prayers, Abu Nawas greet them. Abu Nawas and his guests talked for a while.

"We really would like to invite you to the holy wanderings. If you do not mind join us." Yoga expert says.

"With pleasure, I will follow the design?" asked Abu Nawas honest.

"Tomorrow morning." Pastor said.

"Okay, then we meet in the tea tomorrow." said Abu Nawas agreed.

The next day they set off together. Abu Nawas Sufi robe. Yoga experts and Reverend their religious uniform each. On the way they started to attack hunger because they are deliberately not bring lunch.

"O Abu Nawas, what if you are collecting alms to buy food for the three of us. Because we will hold a worship service." Pastor said. Needless to say Abu Nawas go find and collect alms from one hamlet to another hamlet. After the alms collected, Abu Nawas buy enough food for three people. Abu Nawas back to the Reverend and expert Yoga with food. Since it was unable to restrain his hunger Abu Nawas said, "Let us get to this food right now."

"Not now. We're fasting." Yoga expert says.

"But I just want it bahagianku while part of you is up to you." said Abu Nawas offers a way out.

"I do not agree. We have to do with the rhythm of nothing:" Pastor said.

"Really I did not agree because of time eating in the morning. Tomorrow morning I'll break." Yoga expert says.

"Did not I make you a search tool that charity and alms are now kutukar with this meal. Now you do not let me take his own portion. That does not make sense." said Abu Nawas began to feel annoyed. But so reverend and insisted Yoga expert did not allow Abu Nawas take a share which they are entitled.

Abu Nawas was less pleased. He once again mencuba convince his friends to allow him to eat happy. But they still refused.

Abu Nawas really feel annoyed and angry. But Abu Nawas not show the slightest irritation and anger.

"What if we make a deal." The priest said to Abu Nawas.

"What deal?" asked Abu Nawas.

"We'll have a dolphin. If any one of our most beautiful dreams he will receive the largest portion of the second less and the worst would get the least." The priest explained.

Abu Nawas agree. He did not give any comment.

Night deepened. The dew was falling to earth. Reverend and Yoga Expert drowsiness and sleep. Abu Nawas could not sleep. He only pretended to sleep. Having convinced his friends had fallen asleep Abu Nawas toward food. Without thinking twice, Abu Nawas ate up the food left hinggatidak slightest. After a glut of Abu Nawas was a new bed.

The next day they woke up almost simultaneously. Expert Yoga with beamed recalled, "Last night I dreamed of entering a garden look a lot like Nirvana. I feel the pleasure I had not felt before in my life."

Pastor said that the dream expert Yoga really amazing. Really really amazing. Then turn the Reverend telling a dream.

"I seemed to penetrate the space and time. And turned out it was true. I inadvertently managed to infiltrate into the past where the founder of the religion alive. I met with him and the more happy is that I'm blessed."

Yoga experts also praised the greatness dream Pastor, Abu Nawas was silent. He did not even feel the slightest interest.

Because Abu Nawas has not opened his mouth, Yoga Expert missionary priest getting impatient to not ask the dream of Abu Nawas.

"You must know the Prophet David, peace be upon him. He is a prophet who is an expert fast. Last night I dreamed I talked to him. He asked me if I was fasting or not. I say I'm fasting because I had not eaten since early morning then he told me immediately breaking because it was late. Of course I did not dare to ignore his orders. I get up from bed and went to eat it. " Abu Nawas said without a shred of guilt perasaa.

Holding your hunger wring Pastor and Yoga expert looked at each other.

Abu Nawas treated irritation. Now they realize that there is no point in try to play Abu Nawas, it will only get hurt themselves.

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