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Today, on July 10, 2010 which coincides with the date 27 Rajab 1431H is a very important day for Muslims all over the world are day Isra and Mi `raj or what we call the Isra Mi` raj. But if we already know very well the story or the actual history of Isra 'and Mi `raj? To let us examine the following story;

Isra Mi `raj (Arabic: الإسراء والمعراج, al-'Isrā 'wal-Mi'rāğ) are the two parts of a journey undertaken by Muhammad in a single night. This incident is one important event for Muslims, because at these events of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam had orders to pray five times a day and night.

Isra Mi `raj occurred at the end of the period of prophethood in Mecca before the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam migrated to Medina. According to al-Mawdudi and the majority of scholars, Isra Mi `raj occurred in the first year before the Hijrah, ie between the years 620-621 AD According to al-Allama al-Manshurfuri, Isra Mi `raj happened on the night of 27 Rajab 10th year of prophethood, and this is popular. However, Shaykh al-Mubarakfuri Shafiyurrahman reject these opinions with the reason as quoted Riders Khadija died in the month of Ramadan 10th year of prophethood, that is two months after the month of Rajab. And then there is no obligation five daily prayers. Al-Mubarakfuri mentions six opinions about the timing of Isra Mi `raj. But no one is certain. Thus, it is unknown exactly when the date of Isra Mi `raj.

Events Isra Mi `raj is divided into two different events. In Isra, the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam "dispatched" by Allah from the Holy Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque. Then in the Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad to be raised to the sky Sidratul Muntaha which is the highest place. Here he received direct orders from Allah to pray five times a day.

For Muslims, this event is an event that valuable, because when this is required to pray five times, and no other prophet who got up to Sidratul Muntaha trip like this. Even so, this event is also said to contain various kinds of things that make Rasullullah SAW

In a study of Ustad Sheikh Hasan Alatas explained that:
Divine (God) who has run his servant (Muhammad PBUH) on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque, which We have blessed around it, because we wanted to show him Our signs. Verily He is Oft, Oft heard the view. (Purpose of paragraph 1 s.al-Isra ')

Allah s.w.t. has mengisra'kan (memperjalankan day at night) the Prophet Muhammad from the Sacred Mosque (in Mecca) to Masjid al-Aqsa mosque, which means that far (in Palistina). In past, people used to walk from one place to place, or mount a horse, donkeys, camels and so forth.

The journey from Mecca to Palestine to take a period of more or less 40 days. This is a long journey, but with the power of God has done in
a brief period, in just a few hours' sake only. For the ancients, perrjalanan so far if it can be done in the several hours' sake only was an exceptional case and does not make sense to them.
Which is why there are no vehicles they ride like horses, donkeys or camels may melakukankannya. At the time of a versatile forward now, it has become a regular case, with aircraft and other vehicles that speed.

Therefore they are not believers such as Abu Jahl and his followers use this event to bring down the good name of Prophet Muhammad by accusing the Prophet s.a.w. a liar, and various other heinous accusations.

Those who are believers can accept it because he is one sign of the power of Allah swt which has been given to the other apostles Apostles as the Prophet Isa who was born with
Instead, he has no father can say soften baby, can heal the sick, can turn on people who have died, and so forth.

Similarly, Prophet Musa, stick with the power of God has been transformed into a large snake that can swallow a sorcerer and defeat the snake king Pharaoh. In fact, the prophet Moses with his rod to divide the sea to save his followers from the pursuit of Pharaoh and his tenteranya. Many more signs from God swtyang been given to the Apostles mentioned by miracle, and to his servant who mentioned solih
as Karamah.

In the journey, the Prophet s.a.w. has shown various examples of models that are useful for mankind. Among other things, to the Prophet s.a.w. has shown an old man who continually being added burden bear. Although he could no longer take him but still has a lot of load menamban was so distressing to himself.

This is likened to someone who holds many of occupation that it is responsible. So that no single work that can be accomplished with baik.Tetapi still also received a new assignment.
He should just accept that she was able to complete the task properly. But by nature greedy and wanted pointing or so popular, was also accepted a task that he himself could not perform well.

Though still busy others who do not have jobs or are unemployed, but this man has not given the chance task. So there was imbalance which would adversely affect the community and state. To assume that a lot of tasks and the other unemployed.

To Rasulallah s.a.w. has also been shown to raise a people a day, and reaps a day. This was likened to people who do good deeds which Allah reward has been doubled.

To the Prophet s.a.w. have also shown men who like to eat food that has been contaminated, have been rotten, whereas there beside a clean and good food, but food is still good clean and are not dijamahnya. This was likened to a man who liked to commit adultery. His wife was not neglected, is the woman who became his favorite prostitute, and eventually he got various venereal diseases, AIDS and so forth instead destroys his family life also terkorban, due to that nasty deeds.

There are still many other parables, all these are signs of the greatness of Allah swt shown to the Prophet s.a.w. to become role models to the human race.

Results of Isra 'and Mi'raj s.a.w. The largest one is receiving task orders from swtmenunaikan worship God in prayer (prayer). Many referrals to other service received through the revelation of Allah swt Worship prayers received directly from God Almighty This show features prayer.

There is no reason for anyone to leave a prayer. If we are unable to fulfill pain with standing, may be accomplished by sitting. Unable to sit may be lying. Should not be allowed to lie down with the gesture. Nobody can water tayammum short, worship in prayer mestilah accomplished under any circumstances and where we are.

Unless the barriers arise something that was already destined to become conscious of God as it is not (crazy), we passed out, unconscious self or others.

Before performing prayer we must first cleanse ourselves than take the water impure and prayers. Where we need to also bow net. When founded in prayer we only devote all our attention only to Allah swt

Everything we do before and when the prayer was going to educate us all become people of a clean, disciplined, and willing, God will nourish us with the spiritual and material movements are done when the prayer. Insha Allah if we are diligent in prayer pilgrimage organized and tidy premises will form a sound approach for cloning the spiritual and material. This is the essence of Isra 'and the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension

Insha-Allah we will meet again.

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