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"There a lot of jokes in the drug, but there are many drugs in a joke" (Josh Billing).

In Indonesian Dictionary composed Complete Budiono MA, "HUMOR" means "the ability tasted something funny or pleasant; situation; stories and humorous heart."

Therefore, it involves elements of taste, humor and fun, which of course is suasanya touched the hearts of its manifestations in action laughter or at least a hint of a smile.

Securities can invite laughter is often encountered in the form of words, stories, movement or body condition, pictures, cartoons, movies and other action or actions, whether consciously created or without intent. Actors or creators could comedian / comedian / clown can not.

Every human being must never feel how relaxed and comfortable to enjoy humor. It was as though all the difficulties that life becomes a burden disappeared. There was just laughing and laughing and laughing again. According to research, adult daily laugh action approximately 15 times, whereas children almost 20 times as an adult. Because children aged child is not able to distinguish between the logical and the irrational. So every thing he had seen and felt as always being the laughingstock of toys and materials.

Sigmud Freud (phsikolog) separated into three categories of humor

1. Comic, classified as a joke without motivation. Obtained with a technique that was funny. In this case suppose guess guesses.

2. Humour, jokes that contain motivations may also be criticized. The context can be sarkatik, teasing, taunting and laughing at people or

3. Wit, humor similar but has a more intellectual level. Where to find humor need to rely on the brain to think. For example, the "pack, the mother who" she replied "oh, that's my wife-in-law"

An expert who worked more than 35 years researching the field of creativity, Robert Alan Black Ph.D. found that humor, humor or a joke has its own place in the process of serious work. Humor as a means of cuteness proven effective for raising the imagination and creative power.

Through humor and laughter, all the nerves, muscles will relax, thus giving mood became quiet and comfortable which in turn gives a positive response keotak, so that the brain will work more optimally.

From the point of view of health (mental), Dr. Madan Kataria (Phsikiater India), founder of Laughter Club International, uses humor to therapy:

1. Phsikis conditions, where the anti-stress hormone (endrospline) that appears when a laugh will megalahkan trigger stress hormones (cortisol andrinalin)

2. Health condition and immune system, whereby if laughing 10 minutes will reduce 10-20 mm in blood pressure and at such would enhance the immune lymphocytes with the cells produced.

3. Stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. Because humor make the heart merry, therefore it will be easier to get an idea of new ideas

4. Establishing social relationships and improve the quality of interactions. If the heart will always be well pleased with anyone, so much liked and easy to communicate.

Accordingly, Louis Franzini of San Diago PhD from the University suggests that humor is useful for children in the following case. :

1. Improving emotional intelligence, ability berkomunkasi, social sense and empathy for children

2. Improving the quality of spiritual bonding relationship between child and parents, so both will be getting close and intimate

3. Boost immunity and manjaga child's mental stability. The heart, muscles, bones become more active

4. Enhance the development of the child's brain function so as to stimulate thought and creative power

Noting the importance of humor, the question "why did not or we've never heard of any place of education, schools or courses specifically humor?. There was just sort of buffoonery is an apprentice in the group had enough experience. " Perhaps, once again this mungkn art because they humor / comedy does not have a "grip" which must have as a guide or reference. Only, it could be any group or individual humor comedians have their own distinctive color itself in action.

Humor is different from other types of art. Where humor is no longer greget have pointed out repeatedly when the reader or viewer to the same.

In story drama, plays, performances or movie-themed humor there may be scenarios as a path toward passage. It seems that the role of the pelakonnyalah improvising skills that makes the show so much more colorful life

Time delivery of humor could have been any time or on certain occasions. For example, in the all-night wayang performances, events and humor called 'goro-goro' played by four clown-servants Semar, Gareng, Petruk and Bagong deliberately released in an hour-hour sleep attacks peaked, ie the middle of the night. This dimaksudakan to the spectators who had started sluggish, tired can totonannya refreshed to continue until finished. Goro goro episode is actually a very highly anticipated sessions include forward by the viewer's own shadow puppets. There will be ejected various actions jokes, mocking ridicule, dryly sarcastic and not less important also as a medium of social criticism that build for a ruler.

With humor, camaraderie and friendship will be more warm. Become fluid and open atmosphere. However, an important corridor while maintaining ethical relationships with no need to bring bring SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race / ethnicity and between groups) and excessively violate someone's privacy.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we always took for berhumor fun, whenever and wherever located.

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